The diamond, composition and form

Diamond Rings - Clemencia Peris

On the chemistry of the diamond

As most already know, the diamond is a mineral considered beautiful, whose composition is the most simple that there are. In its entirety, although ever find with a minimum ratio of nitrogen, the diamond is composed of pure crystallized carbon. On the other hand, chemical element also composes part of our basic organic chemistry. It would be logical to think that the diamond crystal, to be composed of the same chemical element that the graphite common, had the same way, but what distinguishes them is the way in which the chemical bonds that bind these carbon atoms. In the case of graphite, are the carbon atoms are further apart.
The diamond crystal, formed from the repetition and the amount of carbon atoms in the three directions that has space. These carbon atoms are linked to each other through some chemical bonds very strong and very short, distinct from those of the graphite in its chain. These links in chemical terms receive the name of “covalent bonds”.
It is for this reason that, the diamond crystal, is cataloged within the group of glass gems of the type of group 1, or what is the same, the cubic system. Its physical properties make the diamond one of the most precious minerals and used in the world of jewelry. With this, we know that the diamond is a precious mineral that occurs in the natural state, in various shades. Shades that we can assess whether the light that shines on them are adequate. By the time we know diamonds colorless, blues, greens, yellows, pinks, reds, oranges, browns and blacks. Clear is that depending on the color, its value increases or decreases.


The diamond and its curiosities

It is logical, and many of our readers already know, throughout history there have been and, probably, there will be diamonds known for its bizarre nature, size or origin.

  • One of the most widely known is “le Regent”, a diamond that in its beginnings was part of the jewels of the French crown in the reign of Louis XV who, to possess control the stone, crimp in its crown. This diamond in a post-time belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte, who also ordered crimp the stone, but this time it was in his sword.
  • The Great Mogul” is another of the most well-known diamonds. This was found in India around the seventeenth century. Shah Jahan, emperor of the dynasty and who ordered the construction of the Taj Mahal, was the one who gave her name to the precious jewel which was stolen in the year 1739. Very probably was split into several parts to hide its provenance and selling them on the black market.
  • The most great of diamond known at present, it belongs to the one currently is, still, the king of Thailand since 1946, the king Bhumibol Adulyadej. This stone was found in a mine in South Africa and its value is estimated to be around 12 million US dollars.
  • Another curiosity around the diamond is that the use older than is known of this mineral is the precious tool in smithies, since it was used for grinding and polishing axes.
  • In 2005 it was discovered a mineral artificial 11% harder than diamond himself, the known as ADRs or “hiperdiamond“, created by the team of physicists commanded by the Russian Natalia Dubrovinskhaia.
  • The culture of the diamond in some countries, it has marked the tradition in regard to how much you should spend a man in the ring of commitment to his future wife. In the USA, a man should spend the equivalent of two months of his salary on an engagement ring as well as in Japan; the equivalent is around 3 months of salary or in the UK only a month.
  • The company that has come to possess the largest amount of potentially marketable diamonds throughout the world is De Beers. Founded in 1888 by Cecil Rhodes, this company, with headquarters in Johannesburg, devotes his business object to the exploitation, treaty, size and subsequent sale of diamonds throughout the world. Having owned up to 90% of the exploitation of the diamond in the world makes, becoming a customer of them, is a guarantee of quality.

The diamond of Clemència Peris

The jewelry firm Clemència Peris can boast to do a job outside of series with the diamond. The jewelry that our creative director, designer and founder of the signature, it creates in its workshops, are jewels that have an added value that other firms do not have exclusivity of parts of a very high sophistication, and handmade. These features make our parts, our customers, not just to receive a piece of great aesthetic value but also possess a unique piece to all the others.