Choosing an engagement ring can be one of the most important decisions the groom will make throughout his life. That’s why he should not rush and take into account some aspects. Today we talk with Mariona, a fine jewelry expert that will give us some tips on what we should consider when choosing an engagement ring.

engagement ring



Is it essential that an engagement ring contains diamonds?

It is absolutely necessary because the certificate identifies the quality, purity of the stones and their origin. It is your purchase’s guarantee. In addition, the certificate identifies the buyer of the jewel as its owner.

Which are the best seller engagement rings?

Usually, the Solitaire. The frame of such rings is quite minimalist, but their real star is the diamond.

Which would you recommend to a boyfriend who is hesitating between a solitaire or a diamond ring?

I would recommend him a Solitaire because it is a classic. It is the typical ring that every woman in love is waiting to get from her fiancé.

What is preferable: the groom following chooses a ring with which he has fallen in love at first sight or that he chooses it considering the preferences of his future wife?

Both are good options. In fact, the buyer is the groom, the man in love whom has to wear it for the rest of his life. Both opinions have to be considered in their pick.

How far in advance the groom should start looking for the engagement ring?

About two months before popping the question.

Many grooms are afraid of buying the wrong size. What happens then?

We take special attention in this regard. We dare to compare ourselves with the haute couture. We make a lot of customized gold rings. But, we do not take into account the standard sizes. In our online jewelry you can find a size guide for online customers who cannot ask our physical stores’ sellers. The guide will help you to calibrate your size through some templates of our rings. Normally, the process at Clemència Peris is: once the rings are bought and delivered, we make a custom fit to the exact size of the client’s finger. Throughout her life, the client can lose or gain weight and fingers are one of the most sensitive parts of the female body at weight fluctuations and the consequent change of size.

Which are qualities to consider when choosing an engagement ring?

For the Clemència Peris team, the essential qualities to select an engagement ring are: the frame, the most important. A handmade frame will give us the rigidity required to create our jewel. The diamond quality. This is very important too because it will give the appropriate shine to our engagement ring. Third, the metal must be 18kt, the importance of the hardness again. And that diamonds have always to have a certificate

¿In your opinion, what would Clemència Peris designs differ in comparison with  others from other firms in the sector?

In Clemència Peris, first, we create trends, we do not follow them. And secondly, Clemència Peris jewels are made following a complex creative process for making a difference in the sector.

Undeniably, a very important and very valuables tips to keep in mind when choosing the engagement ring which you will pop the question to your true love. If you have any doubts about it, do not hesitate to ask. Have a nice day!