Solitaire rings have always been present in all legendary love stories, either on screen or in real life. The nice stuff shared by all of them is that there aren’t two equal love stories, because each one is unique, beautiful and special. They are as the solitaire commitment rings with which it all began and as the brides are, each one with her own personality and her overwhelming charisma.

That’s why does not exist just a pattern of solitaire ring. Within this type of engagement rings there are solitaire gold rings, with different designs, able to adapt to each profile.

We agree that the solitaire style engagement rings are one of the most requested jewels for boyfriends to pop the question. In Clemència Peris we wish, above all, to satisfy our customers desires, that is why we spend a lot of time designing many types of solitaire rings for brides and grooms to help them to find the ring that will return them “I do” as an answer.

You can see some of the possible solitaire ring design we make, we have classified the pieces based on some categories.


These are the most iconic solitaire engagement rings of our firm. They respond to a classic, minimalist yet sophisticated style. Classical and clean lines; the jewel itself it is the star. They differ in small details, such as frame thickness, gold color, diamond’s size or number of staples it has. You can also find glossy or matte finish designs.

solitaire rings solitaire rings solitarie rings solitaires rings


The magic of these solitaire rings are diamonds. An exquisite complement that enhances the unique and special central stone. The 42 brilliant cut, top quality diamonds, are set all over the arm mount, doubling their brightness. Brilliant-cut, princess-cut, oval-cut, pear-cut or heart-cut, these are different ways to give life to an item which is love at first sight.

solitaire rings solitaire rings solitaire rings solitaire ring solitaire ring


For those who want a classic solitaire ring, but with something else, something different, we have a special proposal. These jewels that apparently are a classical model to which have been added a differential twist: diamonds set around its arm.  A design we could classify as the modern version of a traditional solitaire engagement ring. In fact, many men choose these beautiful item of very fine lines where diamonds are the main protagonists.

solitaire rings solitaire ring solitaire ring


These diamond solitaires are designed to express your undying love so trebled. Three diamonds are placed at the top of the frame, giving the jewel an infinite value. In addition, you can choose between two different sizes: a classical one, like brilliant-cut diamonds, or other more daring as the heart-cut. Both models have the power to captivate by the originality of its design and its undeniable beauty.

diamond solitaire rings solitaire rings

Now, we can deny that that engagement solitaires are all the same. We have seen that within a product line can exist many different designs to suit the public’s multiplicity of tastes. So, which one would you identified better?

Remember that you could purchase the jewels with diamond of various sizes. We invite you to visit our online jewelry where you can find the Solitaire rings complete collection. Any questions or concerns you have, we will be happy to help you, either by email, or by phone or on our web chat!

To say goodbye, here is a video of one of our bestseller solitaire engagement ring. Have a good day!