Many women around the world ask this question: What is the best way to combine my engagement ring with the wedding ring?”

Weeks ago, we explain in two of our posts, curiosities about engagement rings and wedding rings, as well as in which finger of which hand are usually put, following the tradition of each place. And it is important do not ignore this factor when choosing your wedding ring that jewel you will wear all your life.

wedding ring


It is true that we do not choose an engagement ring, it comes by surprise and normally has no possibility of change (how ugly would tell our fiancé that we do not like it!)  Although it would not be the first time … but if the future husband knows his wife does not have to fail, right?).

What we will have the opportunity to choose will be our own wedding ring and the one of our future husband. And so we must consider many factors so the wedding rings chosen to be suitable and fit perfectly with your personality. From Clemència Peris we propose to you a list of the main aspects you have to consider before the purchase.


  1. How is the design of our engagement ring? That is, if he is a solitaire, a classic, modern, cutting-edge … Our wedding ring should reflect our style.
  2. Which material its is made of. Depending on whether it is made of white, yellow, pink or black gold, we will have to opt for one type of wedding ring or other.
  3. If it contains diamonds (usually they do, but perhaps it contains any other gemstone like rubies, emeralds …). The color of the stone could determine the style of the wedding ring.

  4. If we want to wear the wedding ring on the same finger as the engagement ring. In this case, it is important that the wedding ring engages perfectly with the engagement ring: the same height and both of the same material. Some suitable and most flattering examples include these:

    wedding ringwedding ringwedding ring

  5. If we wear the wedding ring in the opposite hand there is no problem. In this case, we must bear in mind that the size will not be the same; Remember that the width of the fingers of one hand is not the same of the other (there’s always a hand where the fingers are a little more “fat”). In addition, this option will provide more freedom in choosing what type of wedding ring we want because it does not have to match with the engagement ring, as we mentioned in the previous point.

  6. Finally, you have to decide if you want that the two ring will be similar, so their design will follow the same line and, or if you prefer everyone to wear an engagement ring according to their style. In the first option, normally includes classical wedding ring, without any ornamentation. Although more and more, grooms opt for an identical wedding rings, but with the difference that the bride one carries a small detail, such as a diamond. Examples of these would these pairs of wedding rings:

wedding ring

wedding ringwedding ring

black gold wedding ring black gold men wedding ring

If we opt for the second option and want a completely different wedding rings one from other, no problem! Who said they had to be identical? This option is the right one to avoid arguments, and each one of you will have the opportunity to choose on their own. Remember that is an important decision and that you have to wear this ring all your life! Among this category could have a huge diversity because combinations can be endless. Here are some examples for you two:

wedding ring diamonds

wedding ring

wedding ring pink gold

men wedding ring

black gold wedding ring

We are sure to be a hit. To easier it, we would suggest you our latest designs!