Bet on the design and artisan production

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This New Year just beginning, both Clemencia Peris as your computer, we are proud to have achieved to fulfill our dream. A dream that passes by being able to offer a web space, where they will be able to display the job with as much dedication and effort we have deposited in the invested for all of you, our customers.
Still in a process of international expansion through this website and our shop and atelier de Barcelona, do not lose the opportunity to share with all of you our enthusiasm for a job that our founder and creative image of the signature, has been producing since 5 decades.
Work not only summarizes the development of parts in high jewelry, but it also adds a great deal of commitment to the unique design and wonderful hands tanned in an artisanal tradition since 1979.
Our foundress design that focuses on the powerful and a good reputation at the global level as is the Ciudad Condal of Barcelona. The Condal mediterranean, whose burden architectural, artistic and pictorial works is based on a powerful vanguard movement endorsed by the UNESCO as cultural heritage of humanity, art nouveau, also in addition to its renowned and famous Mediterranean culture which is international tourist object, has always been a source of inspiration for our creative director.
Think of Clemencia Peris not summarized to a thought in relation to the jewelry, but it is also a thinking of those who are looking for the chance to show off unique pieces, which given the nature of their development remain indifferent to the passage of time.

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The jewels of Clemencia Peris, are jewels of a high level of quality that are backed by the guarantee of top quality materials that emanate a own brightness, which is capable of dazzling to anyone that, inevitably attach their view on them. The Clemencia jewels are which are developed one by one, all of them passing through a complex process of artisan production, which adds a timeless value to all of them, making each one, a unique jewel implementation in each hand that shows them.
Precious gems of a tested quality are opened in a wide catalogue of possibilities, assembling, between others, diamonds in all his extent of forms and colors all of the most excellent quality, as well as, sapphires, emeralds and rubies carved in a polished and exclusive incomparable technology in his different varieties for our creative director Clemencia Peris which has been rewarded in multiple occasions for this motive, all of them connected to hand in noble metals as the gold all his variations, all one to one.
For it, we invite our clients to know our catalogue, which assembles a wide variety of pieces, in each of his collections, thought for all those moments in which a jewel, it is the option adapted by which choosing for a gift, a commitment, or as the way for which targeting a special moment in the life across a piece that immortalizes a special memories.

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Clemencia Peris compromised with the design and crafts from 1979.