Diamond earrings for the bride.

diamond earrings

When someone pops the question to his girlfriend, it will automatically come to her mind lots to do. She will start to create a long list gradually, according to her priorities. One of the most important one could say that is the dress, followed by the wedding rings and, of course, the accessories that the bride will wear. No one will leave until the last moment the selection of jewelry to wear the most important day of their life. And which item may look more prominent and everyone will see it? Earrings. Normally, diamond ones.

We believe that the diamond earrings are one of the jewels that the bride should select more carefully. The why it is simple: 90% of brides usually wear her hair tied back on her wedding day, at least during the ceremony. So it is important to select a beautiful earrings that light up her face. Therefore, we believe that diamond gold earrings are perfect for this.

There are many types of diamond earrings to wear on the wedding day. Good choices are drop earrings, diamond stud earrings, diamond hoop earrings or other shapes with diamonds.

We have made a selection of those diamond earrings we believe suitable to complement a bride’s look on her magic day.



They are an ideal earrings if we are looking a slimming effect. Diamond drop earrings gives more definition and an amazing brightness to the bride’s face.

The first model are 18kt white gold earrings with 70 diamonds. A Clemència Peris icon that challenges trends and concepts showing mastery in composition. 70 brilliant-cut diamonds arranged in perfect lines forming its main structure and 2 brilliant-cut diamonds, of 0.8 ct each one, to culminate the design.

diamond earrings

The second model is simpler but still beautiful. It is a 18kt white gold diamond drop earrings. They are composed of 32 diamonds, carefully selected and set, bringing light in constant motion, adding 2.3 ct. diamonds in total. In addition, this item has a peculiarity: it is removable; ie, you can wear the two large diamonds alone and when you want, add the 15 diamond.

diamonds earrings


This type of design is suitable for a bride with a cool, casual but elegant and sophisticated style.

diamond hoop earrings

These are a beautiful 18kt gold and diamond hoop earrings, 48 brilliant-cut diamonds in each. From these, 28 diamonds, are set along the external hoop and 20 along the interior side. With a total weight of 1,45 ct.


If you are looking for simplicity and discretion, we recommend a classic diamond stud earrings. It is a good choice because you can wear it daily.


The next model is a 18kt white gold diamond stud, of 3,9 g weight, with two brilliant-cut diamonds of the highest quality, of 0,3 ct total weight. This model has a particularity: it contains 6 diamonds around the mount, giving more light and brilliance to the whole item. The total of these 12 diamonds is 0,20 ct.


cross shaped diamond earrings

For those brides who are looking for a special design for such special day in their lives, we would like to recommend these 18 ct white gold, diamond cross earrings. They contain 10 diamonds on each set with mastery. This option shows how much minimalism can transmit.

And you, which design you feel more identified with? Do not miss more models in our online jewelry. Have a nice day!