Many men prefer buying engagement solitaire rings at this time of year. Some are foresighted and they buy the engagement ring before Christmas or New Year’s Eve to kneel on those special days. Others, however, prefer to pop the question to the woman of their dreams during their November holidays. Whatever the chosen date, the previous step, as we said at the beginning, is to acquire the ideal engagement ring.

buying engagement solitaire rings

It is always advisable buying engagement solitaire rings with a little advance. If you are undecided men, it is normal that you begin to look at engagement rings with some months away. Professionals, we recommend a period of approximately 2 months before that date, but not all men need the same time to choose the ring they have in mind.

One of the most widespread habits which are increasingly gaining more followers is to buy the engagement solitaire rings online. The reasons are many.  Here we list you a few:

  • You can see different ring models whenever you want.
  • You will find all the information you need to buy them and you would not dare to ask in a jewelry store. For example: a diamond ring buying guide.
  • You will not have to tell any lie to your future wife.
  • You’ll find many more designs than in a traditional jewelry, including some solitaire models that you did not even know they existed. Definitively, you will have much more to choose.
  • The online jewelry prices are much more competitive than the traditional jewelry ones. At least, Clemència Peris offers special prices to our online customers.
  • We also offer free shipping to anywhere in the world, two-year warranty, return policy and a free changing size, if it is not the correct size. – Even if you buy the engagement ring online you can also make an inscription in it.

Did we convince you? Just in case, we show you below some of the most successful engagement solitaire rings among our customers. These are engagement rings with a traditional design, where the diamond is the star. Each one of these designs can be purchased with different sizes of diamonds, according to client’s preferences.

Many men believe that engagement solitaire rings are all the same. But it’s not like that. Our designer, Clemència Peris, wanted to reinvent the concept «Engagement solitaire ring» and she has put all her efforts to create a solitaire collection to fit all women personalities. She has designed some classic models, others with modern touches and others fully transgressors. She has even dared to design black gold engagement solitaire rings. Here are some examples:


White gold engagement solitaires are the most popular. But still, the differences between them can become quite significant. You can find engagement ring of 4 or 6 staples, with the fine or wide arms, diamond engagement rings with brilliant-cut or other cuts like: size heart, pear, emerald or oval, with or without pavé ... As you can see, to buy purchase engagement solitaires takes time. These are some models we have selected for you:

white gold engagement solitaire rings white gold engagement solitaire rings white gold engagement rings buying engagement solitaire rings


If you want a genuine engagement solitaire ring we recommend you a 18kt yellow gold design. As these items have a little demand, they become unique. It has the advantage that if in the future your wife prefers white gold, it could be bathed without any problems to transform it in a white gold engagement ring.


buying engagement solitaire rings buying engagement solitaire rings


This is one of the most innovative options available right now on the market. They are quite difficult to find due its transgressor design. Our designer, with the aim of offering unique and exquisite pieces, has been a pioneer in using the black gold in this type of rings with truly competitive prices.

buying engagement solitaire rings

Now you know a little more about the engagement solitaire market. I hope this have been helpful. If you want to discover more diamond rings, we invite you to take a look at our online jewelry. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Have a nice day!