Once a traveler has broken free from the golden chains of the big cities, embellished with powerful heritage and historical contrast, one can start diving into the real heart of the country: the towns.

Throughout history, every single city, every single major state has started with a small settlement which has developed itself in its unique and particular way. Trade, mining, textile, transportation,… each and every a primordial aspect of the growth of a country, and the growth of the particular and charming character of the town.

Towns of the United Kingdom and their best selling engagement rings

Today we want to show you the delicacies and elegant designs from Clemència Peris that have been more valued by this unique gems of the United Kingdom: the towns.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by its size in population; each and every one of this unique locations hide inside its doors an ethereal gem that has been the pillars of civilisation.

Engagement rings Perth 

best selling engagement rings

The so called Fair City in Scotland, Perth unique prehistoric and cultural heritage has enhanced its unique and strong Scottish character. Therefore, its mix with past and present, history and culture, has made it choose the delicate beauty and still powerful character of the white gold engagement ring with 40 diamonds and a round cut shape diamond on the centre.

engagement rings perth

Engagement rings Slough

best selling engagement rings slough

The vibrant business town of Slough has developed a kind and fine taste for unique contemporary jewellery, which has translated in their most beloved engagement ring from Clemència Peris: the 18k white and yellow gold with 28 brilliant cut diamond. Mix of yellow gold engagement ring and white gold engagement rings, the finesse of its composition and the central diamond gives this two volumes ring a unique and elegant character.

engagement rings slough

Engagement rings Bracknell 

best selling engagement rings bracknell

The major business center and also vibrant town, Bracknell, is a cultural centre with tons of history and it unique sense of style. Among all the new and most fashion design from Clemència, Bracknell has chosen the 18k red gold with 60 diamonds engagement ring. With its clarity, shiny finish, this handcrafted piece is among one of the latest trends and most elegant selection.

engagement rings uk

Engagement rings Stratford-upon-Avon

best selling engagement rings Stratfor-upon-Avon

Being the birth-place of William Shakespeare has given Stratfor-upon-Avon a major nun around the world, not just for its writer, but also for its unique town, charming charisma and cultural heritage. Among its lovers, the chosing of engagement rings in Stratford- upon-Avon has been redirected towards the white gold with a central diamond engagement ring. The central diamond rises magnificent on the ring creating a perfect symmetry.

engagement rings uk

Engagement rings Cambridge

best selling engagement rings cambridge

Not only home of one of the major Universities and cultural centres of the world, but also its magic town and cultural heritage is what makes Cambridge the astonishing town it is. Its inhabitants have develop a taste for one of our most unique pieces, the black and white gold Engagement Rings with diamonds and 2 central diamonds. This astonishing contrast creates such an special combination where two magnificent brilliant-cut diamonds stand to form a unique and beautiful jewel.

engagement rings cambridge

Engagement rings Llandudno

best selling engagement rings llandudno

The astonishing and powerful coast of Wales has shaped the town of Llandudno as one of its bast resort destinations in the whole United Kingdom. The taste for jewellery in the town for locals and visitors alike has been developed into a mix of fashion and new trends, resulting in the choosing of Clemència Peris’sStunning 18k pink gold Engagement Ring. This unique gem with the latest in fashion of pink gold rings, is surrounded by the highest quality diamonds which gives it a final touch of elegance and modernisation.

engagement rings llandudno

Engagement rings Ayr 

best selling engagement rings ayr

The touristic resort town of Ayr in Scotland, has developed a special selection of vintage engagement rings which matches in perfection with its unique prehistoric heritage and modern culture and vibrant character. The most beloved engagement rings in the town has been the four points, solitary style, 18k yellow gold engagement rings which highlights its stunning brilliant-cut central diamond, making it shine forever.

engagement rings ary

Apart from this fine selection of towns and its unique taste and best selling engagement rings, we have elaborated a further list diving into the countryside of the UK which you can explore here: