Today, we speak with Marc Serrat about one of the materials most widely used in fine jewelry: gold. Marc is an expert jeweler and our gold rings maker specialist at Clemència Peris.

Marc has spent nearly a decade working in the workshop that the firm has in Barcelona. He is responsible for creating and developing all kinds of gold handmade jewels, especially gold rings and wedding rings. Today we explain the different types of gold, their colors and the advantages of working with this raw material.

gold rings


Most of the pieces exhibited in our online jewelry are made in 18 ct gold, of different color. There you can find white gold rings, yellow gold rings, black gold wedding rings, pink gold wedding rings and white gold rings with diamonds and many other combinations of colors and gemstones. It is also important to know the difference between working with 24, 18 ct or a lower quality gold for making gold rings.

We could find 24 ct gold in wild nature, but it is not advisable to work it directly for  jewelry because it is too soft. The ideal gold for working and shaping high quality items is  the 18 ct gold. Marc will explain us how to convert 24 ct gold into 18 ct gold. And he also will insist that it is not advisable to wear rings under 18 ct gold. Although they may be cheaper at last it will not compensate, because they are of poor quality so they can cause allergies, especially in gold wedding rings because it is a jewel to wear forever.

gold rings

Our chief designer, Clemència Peris, bet on the four golden hues to shape their creations. She is a pioneer in the manufacture of high jewelry in black gold, especially, wedding rings and more recently, engagement rings in black gold, even the traditional solitaire. And you might be wondering how we get the black gold? And the pink gold? These colors are not obtained from wild nature. The only color is obtained from it is the yellow gold. Marc will explain us everything about gold, the material more valued in the jewelry industry.

What kind of gold do you work with?

We start working with 24ct gold as it comes from Mother Nature. Then we make the different alloys, always working with gold of 18 ct at least, never with low quality gold.

What are the advantages of working with 18 ct gold in gold rings?

Gold under than18ct could have several anomalies. There is not a metal advisable to wear daily because can produce some kind of allergy or it could deform it hitting it accidentally. Although it is cheaper, at last does not pay.

What is the yellow gold?

We get 24 ct gold, as I said before. But to start working it, you have to alloy it first, transforming it into 18 ct gold to make it harder to mold it. The 24 ct gold is very soft and it is impossible to manipulate to make any design because it is too soft. The process of transforming gold from 24 to 18ct is it: we melt different metals, obtaining a homogeneous mixture. Then we pour into a mold and wait for it to solidify. We realize different analyzes to obtain 18 ct gold. If the resulting gold is not of 18 ct., we repeat the whole process to get a  18 ct alloy. Never less.

What is the white gold?

Once we have  18 ct of yellow gold, we add another metal; palladium, in the same alloy and we get a more hard and white gold than the yellow one. 5. How do you get the pink gold? We obtain the pink gold from the alloy of yellow gold with silver to get a reddish gold. 6. What is the black gold? The black gold is still a 18 ct yellow gold with a black rhodium bath to give it this  characteristic color.

Now you know a little more of types of gold used in high jewelry, gold rings and their characteristics. Pay attention, every week we will upload a video to show you more interesting facts about the fine jewelry world. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to tell us. We will happy to help you!