The difference, the value of being single.

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Today we live in a world in which, the trend, we moved to ideas of a global system and uniform. From a practical perspective, the human being will have greater projection of its habilities, the less distance provide our differences in needs, social structures, state, and even economic and cultural.
Logical thinking is that, in the future, the territories and their respective government structures, arrive to have more things in common and, therefore, the progress of human beings follow their way in a straight line, always with a trend in the positivist that only prevails, what helps us to follow the progress in all forms of knowledge, science, culture, technology etc.
The history, science, philosophy and many other fields of knowledge contemplate the idea of the human being in the whole, such as a indispensable idea, that is to say, the people, such as states and societies, does not cease to be a part of the whole. A further body that comprises the body of that living being that is the society in which, “de facto”, we are immersed in the same time of birth.

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This society and many other forms of social organization, respond to a certain parallels with the functioning of a living organism. Nothing would be possible without one of the parties, in the same manner that no part can operate at the margin of all.
However, it would be too assume that the natural functioning of the human being is summarizing in the performance of a specific role within a whole, which allows you to develop your activity, without any personal involvement in this whole affair since, the human beings, we are in each case, a single reality that is only recognized by ourselves.
We each have a different way to understand and perceive the world. That X factor that makes us different is what, in some way, in the course history has made perfect occasions arise for the knowledge, the arts, sciences and the theories of knowledge in their various areas.

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Paradoxically, although we do not know our way around the margin of the set, it is within the when our peculiarities, acting within that margin of freedom, and will be tutored in the first instance by the moral and social norms and conventions and cultural, give birth ideas, events, works, theories…, all of them, cornerstone of progress even more dire.
Even so, there are countless cases throughout history, show us that, at some point arises the miracle, alienation, the difference. The humans being always finds the time to express your individuality that, on the other hand, helps us to take distance from everyday life in the natural that we live and, therefore, to define ourselves as individuals, make decisions, and to educate and cultivate the virtues of our character.
As the work that our founder and creative image of the signature Clemencia Peris y Barba, develops in their atelieres are those who, not only demonstrate this process for personal growth and development for all spent in various moments of our lives but also contribute to the development of multiple manifestations of that way of knowing we unique and unrepeatable part to the time that cannot be separated from, for this unitary whole which is the society.
As well as the same jobs of Clemencia Peris, allow the development, not only of objects, but of ideas no less indistinct that a theory of science, a canvas or a symphony, objectified in such a way that make it possible, not only as observable objects, but also, as aesthetic objects, the other parts of the whole social can recognize the difference, as well as gamble on her.

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The pieces developed by Clemència Peris in its collection, “the art of being only“, are pieces which, through a complex process of making crafts, as well as by a powerful work of unique design, add a timeless value of their work which involves, as in many other artistic expressions, in this case, they need to be able to show that differential value of the human being to any generation being, each one is the daughter of his own time.
Once again, we want to share with our readers and customers, the opportunity to recognize the difference and gamble on her, through our work, effort and dedication built since 1979.