The unique jewellery and independent designs of Clemència Peris have been a major attraction in the UK since our webpage was inaugurated. Thanks to our attention to details and close relations with our customers, we have learned through time which are the most precious and valued engagement rings in the UK, which we want to share here with you.

Engagement rings in the UK

First of all, we have to note that the different regions of the UK have wide range and variety of tastes and preferences. However, there is a common denominator in all of them which is the main reason why they chose Clemència Peris as one of the most valued independent Jewellers in the UK. Unique, handcrafted jewellery of the highest quality mixed with a design that can not be found anywhere else, are the common traits that every person in the United Kingdom has in mind when choosing the jewell that will accompany them into the next stage of their relationships.

This uniqueness in region is the reason why we want to show you the best selling rings of each capital and major city, in order to see how the colourful variety of the UK leads to such amazing range of choices.

The chosen cities to reflect the best selling engagement rings in the UK are the following: London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Bristol and Nottingham.

Engagement Rings in London

engagement rings in the uk

In the capital of England and the eternal jewell of the power and magnificence of the English empire, the most precious engagement rings in London have been since the beginning the elegant solitaire engagement ring. A 18K white gold with brilliant-cut diamond of 1ct; this mix between the power of the diamonds and the simplicity of the white gold create a unique jewell that magnifies the beauty of any love.

engagement rings in the uk

Engagement rings in Glasgow

engagement rings in the uk

The biggest city of Scotland and a unique world references in Music, Art and Design, Glasgow has had predilection for one of the most unique, elegant and sophisticated engagement rings in the UK: white gold and 143 brilliant-cut diamonds, pavé style, which rises with a magnificent black diamond contrasting in an everlasting perfection with its base.

black diamond ring

Engagement rings in Birmingham

engagement rings in the uk

Right at the geographical heart of England and in the second most populated city in the UK, in Birmingham luxury gets defined with their best selling ring: A spectacular central brilliant-cut diamond enhanced by the 16 diamonds and the 18k white gold that highlights it.  A jewell crown, right on your fingertips.

engagement rings in the uk

Engagement rings in Edinburgh

engagement rings in edinburgh

The also called Athens of the North by the great thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment, Edinburgh choice for engagement rings is unique. Passionate about the emerald deep colour, the Dunedin have chosen this natural stone over the 18k white gold arm which incarnates love, growth and life.

engagement rings in the uk

Engagement rings in Leeds

Leeds, the once leading center of industry in Victorian England, has fallen in love with our Solitaire diamond engagement ring with 18K white gold, and a princess-cut squared central diamond between 0.35ct. and 0.4ct. Simplicity enhanced in the most powerful way to convey the feelings and magnificence of love.

engagement rings leeds

Engagement rings in Manchester

engagement rings in manchester

No doubt that the powerful, vibrant and untameable Manchester has chosen one of our most precious engagement rings for their passionate devotions. Our refined engagement ring, four points in solitary style with 18 k yellow gold, is a jewell of contrast that which highlights the brilliances and shines forever.

engagement rings in the uk

Engagement rings in Liverpool

engagement rings in liverpool

Liverpool, a centre of industrial and transport innovation and also a major site of pioneering inventions, encounter their preference with one of our most innovative and unique designs: the engagement Ring of 18k white gold with 61 brilliant cut diamonds. This two pieces ring joined by a 0,5k diamond provides the required balance between elegance, innovative design and uniqueness.

engagement rings in liverpool

Engagement rings in Sheffield

engagement rings in the uk

Known over the world as “The Steel City”, but in fact one of the greenest cities in the UK, Sheffield got a prediction for one of our most notable engagement rings. The best selling ring in Sheffield has been the white gold engagement ring surrounded with 40 diamonds and a round cut shape 1ct. diamond. A delicate and completed marvellous independent jewel.

engagement rings in sheffield

Engagement rings in Nottingham

engagement rings in the uk

The once home of the beloved Robin Hood and with an everlasting history of romance and legends, the inhabitants of Nottingham have curiously set their eye on a piece that truly matches their past and present. Our white gold engagement ring with a natural Burma Ruby, creates the perfect simbiosis and contrast of passion and elegance. A jewell to match the passionate history, of one of the most amazing cities in England.

engagement rings in nottingham

Engagement rings in Bristol

engagement rings in the uk

The best city to live in the UK on 2017 exhumes happiness and brilliance on each side. This is probably why their choice of rings has been directed to our triple brilliant cut diamond. Engagement ring in 18k white gold. Straight out from our Trilogy Collection, this ring concentrates its strength in this perfectly integrated top volume.

engagement rings in the uk

With this list of best-selling engagement rings in the Uk, we can see reflected the differences among cities and regions, and its convergence on the desire for a unique design. However, the list goes on and so should you if you crave to learn more about the most sophisticated engagement rings that have been uniting couples around the United Kingdom. Next, we leave you with a list of other amazing locations and their favourite choices for their eternal moments.

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