As talked on our previous posts, this February starts the 2017 wedding preparation season where, as usual, there are many things to arrange: the church, the meal, guests list, bride and groom dresses, invitations, picking the wedding rings etc. In this infinite list there is a subject which the couple enjoy planning:  their honeymoon. Today, we bring you the best destinations for your honeymoon.

The best 2017 destinations for your honeymoon

Arranging the honeymoon may seem simple, but it is more complex than one might think. A good option is to hire it in a travel agency, who will provide you all internal management such as flights, stops, the best places to visit, hotels… But some couples prefer to deal with personally. Both are good options. You only have to decide where do you want to go. This is an important decision which you cannot choose at random because your honeymoon destination will be part of your memories.

We want to help you make the right decision. That is why we have made a list of the best destinations for your honeymoon.


destinations for your honeymoon

Its oriental culture, its traditional cuisine and the extraordinary beauty of its beaches are enough reasons to choose Thailand as honeymoon destination.

A place with a lot of history that offers a lot of activities to do. Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are the must-see places to stop. A good way to end the trip is to relax a few days in the most beautiful part of the country: Phuket.

Sri Lanka and The Maldives destinations for your honeymoon

A winning combination: culture and paradise. Normally, this honeymoon trip has as its first destination Sri Lanka. The perfect scenario to enjoy of an ancient culture, exotic and pure state nature and mysterious temples. A recommended activity? A ride with elephants. After spending a few days in this Asian country, we flew to the best paradise on earth: The Maldives. An archipelago made up of 2000 islands of which only 200 are inhabited. A place where relaxation is the best recipe: dream beaches, sunsets, diving and disconnection will be the main duties that one will have.

California, Las Vegas and Hawaii

destinations for your honeymoon

The favorite area of just married ones when traveling to the US is the West Coast, Nevada and Arizona. ¿A must? Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon of Colorado. There are couples who want to take advantage of having crossed the pond to visit all possible areas. Some popular are: San Francisco, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Diego, Monument Valley … but if you have time and resources you can go further ending your honeymoon in Hawaii, an exotic paradise which worth visiting.

French Polynesia

destinations for your honeymoon

A lot of just married couples had fall in love with its volcanic islands and its virgin beaches. So French Polynesia, located to the south of the Pacific Ocean, is increasingly in demand as a honeymoon destination. A gift of nature in the form of breathtaking sunsets, beautiful white sand beaches and incredibly and magical volcanic lands. Tahiti and Bora Bora are often the most visited islands, although there are others less known that are equal or more idyllic like: Papeete, Taha’a or Moorea. The perfect blend of wild nature, culture and amazing landscapes.

A safari in Kenya and Tanzania

destinations for your honeymoon

For more adventurous couples, safari in Kenya and Tanzania is the best option. Away from the dream beaches and 24h relaxation, here the adventurous spirit is the absolute protagonist. Pure nature, wild spirit, animals and much adventure is what you will find on the African continent. Some magical places you can not miss are the Nakuru Lake National Park, the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya or the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania.

Although if you want a relaxing finish to your honeymoon after all these adventures you can visit Zanzibar island, also known as the African Caribbean.

These are some of  2017 honeymoon best destinations. Which one do you like?