The Thanksgiving Day

History tells us

By what we currently understand it, the day of thanksgiving is not a celebration that has its origin in the present precisely. Thanks to the work of numerous historians, today we know that the true origin of this special day, both in the United States, as in Canada, takes place during the first half of the XVII century, in the colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts.
What is truly remarkable, a ghoulish day as this, is the reason for your celebration. It is difficult to find in the length and breadth of our moments in history, like this one, that arise traditions that have lasted through time and that the reason for his cause, is in something as wonderful as the altruism and disinterest.
As he tells us the story written, the area where these first settlers were established was hit by the weather, the winter, and the first cold and rainy, very difficult tasks of victualing, since, upon their arrival, their anticipation of food was scarce. This was then, the reason why many of these early settlers began to expire grass of the famine and the cold.
However, it is gratifying to see how, even if that does not happen all the times that would be desirable, there comes a time in which it arises the miracle of the human being, the time in which he manages find the necessary wisdom as to forget if and work toward a greater good, the community.
This happened when the native people of the area, came out to meet these new settlers. These first, with a pleasant attitude, and sincere altruism, is proposed to instruct in what is necessary in order to form in the field of hunting, fishing, cultivation and harvesting to the new settlers to offer any assistance that at the time was to its scope.
With all, and in gratitude for the service provided by Amerindians, offered a celebration where they were able to share all kinds of food that the settlers with their help they were able to store.
This tradition was extended by both the territory and the time until the President Abraham Lincoln officially proclaimed in 1863 that every last Thursday of November as a national holiday to be held in the thanksgiving. What followed this celebration is already well known.

A copious and cheerful dinner

If there is anything we are familiar with the traditional celebration of the day of thanksgiving, it is mainly by the sumptuous dinner with delicacies such as the traditional roast turkey stuffing, usually corn bread and sage, washed down with a delicious cranberry sauce.
Garrisons of vegetables and desserts such as the classic pumpkin pie all prepared with the gentleness and love that only the family is able to offer to the families, the hot within their homes, spending long hours in the kitchen, so that everything is to point to the most important moment of the night, the family sitting around the table, at which time to thank divine Providence everything good events during the year to each and every member of the family.


Shopping, gifts and gifts

As is natural, the days leading up to thanksgiving many businesses dedicated to the sale of gift products make their “small August before December”, despite the fact that, normally commercial businesses remain closed during the same day of thanksgiving. Just a few of the large department stores and malls of more prestige tend to be open, as well as all the business dedicated to the restoration, bars, etc.
Is the following Friday, when they resume again all the Christmas shopping, time in that department stores and shops reopened its doors, but this time, offering discounts on many of their products and articles to encourage massive sales in their campaigns of Christmas
The reason that pushes to have that detail with loved ones is always the desire to express that love, affection and attachment through gifts which the people choose thought in the tastes, preferences, and as far as possible, the wishes of each one.
It is always a good time to express to those who are closest, which shape our environment, and I am not only referring to the family, but to deep friendships and romantic couples, our affection, love and affection and why there is a tendency to give away something special. Something as special as what, from Clemència Peris, we strive to work to provide our customers, a sophisticated product, crafts and great artistic value in a wide range of products in that they will always be able to find the one that fits your needs.
Therefore with a great deal of pride and respect, Clemència Peris wish them a happy Thanksgiving.