Engagement rings Thanksgiving Promotion 2014

The art to be unique

This year, and with the purpose of the launch of our Christmas campaign, we have been careful in the selection of the days most representative of these dates, for this reason, you cannot miss a special mention on Thanksgiving Day.
Within our many and varied collections, we can find a dedicated to engagement rings. Among all the possibilities, the art of being unique, makes us possible to afford them is part of a very high degree of sophistication composed of 190 diamonds in “pavé” a very high quality and with a weight of 3, 32ct that look resplendent in one of the arms, while the other, white gold 18k culminates the piece giving that special touch always taking into account that both are worked by hand.

Selected ring for the promotion of engagement rings of Clemència Peris, in the Christmas campaign for thanksgiving

They are always recommended any of the multiple options in engagement rings, when it comes to calling the hand to that special someone, to devote a life and be entrusted to the future in that precise sacrament that is marriage. A way to pass through multiple stages but in which, in spite of everything, they can always save the wonderful memory, of a requested objectified in a ring of great value, sophistication, crafts and, of course, an aesthetic object always susceptible to be recognized through the values that gives the sense of a refined taste and that makes the difference.
Clemència Peris in the work of their workshops, never skimp on effort or expense when it comes to please the most important element of all who make up this signature, our customers. Why don’t lose the opportunity to show you that the most important thing for us is the work that day after day we play always with the talent of incalculable value and power of our creative direction of the hand of the founder and designer, Clemència Peris.
We hope you’ll enjoy this wonderful piece, with its flashes of elegance, power and incalculable value not without losing the opportunity to wish you a happy Thanksgiving.