In this post we want to show that many times, in fine jewelry, exclusivity and originality are directly proportionate to the design type of gemstones. We are going to prove it with black diamonds rings.

The use of black diamonds is not as widespread as the white diamonds. And therefore, for many people it is a truly exciting discovery.

black diamonds rings

Black diamonds are fascinating gemstones considered anomalies of nature in the natural diamonds’ universe. An anomaly that would be given by inclusions of iron oxide and iron containing that gem. There have many characteristics and peculiarities, that now we explain you:

  • Black diamonds belong to the crystallized carbon family.
  • Their density is around 3,15 and 3,48.
  • Do not give off any brightness, nor reflect the light as they are completely opaque.
  • Although they are opaque, black diamonds are porous.
  • They share a peculiarity with white diamonds: its hardness is also 10 of the Mohs scale, the highest existing level. So, all diamonds, regardless of their color, are the hardest mineral in the world.
  • Classic diamonds were formed over 3,000 million years ago, meanwhile black diamonds were found long after, about 100 million years ago.
  • They are extracted from the alluvial deposits, usually from Brazil and the Central African Republic.


More and more men are fascinated by the beauty of this type of diamonds and finally end up decanting by black diamonds rings as engagement rings. Nowadays, it is very common to find black diamonds on engagement rings.

Engagement rings with black diamonds are an excellent choice for those who do not want to end up buying a classic solitaire engagement ring, but want to acquire a completely unique and different ring.

Black diamonds rings have the power to give the piece an extreme elegance. All designs containing such gems show a magic and exquisite elegance.

As mentioned have ever, the black color is synonymous with elegance, sobriety and sophistication. Features that are immediately transferred to the design in particular and, consequently, at the woman who wears the jewel.

Black diamonds along with white gold make a perfect tandem. The contrast between the two materials is so beautiful that seem to have been created to be together forever.

Let’s have a look at some Clemència Peris black diamonds designs.

The following design is a black diamond ring glittering on his sobriety. A fine jewelry work piece that perfectly combines with many accessories giving a touch of elegance. The 42 black diamonds blend perfectly with a 18 ct white gold mount. In addition, it is also ideal to wear with another white diamonds ring.

black diamonds rings

This black and white diamonds ring is considered to be a unique piece with unmatched design. Over the 18 ct white gold and 143 brilliant-cut diamonds, with pavé and a total weight of 0,85 ct, a splendid black diamond stark contrast. An elegant and sophisticated combination that will resist, without any doubt, the passing of time. A jewel for eternity.

black diamonds ring

And for black gold lovers, you have the same design made in a 18 ct black gold mount. A black diamonds ring that will attract all the looks instantly.

black diamonds rings

And you do not think that rings with black diamonds are intended exclusively for women. Gold and diamonds rings are also a perfect choice for men rings! Look our next design: a white gold men ring, with satin finish and polished sides containing a central black diamond of the highest quality.

black diamonds rings for men

What do you think about the use of black diamonds in fine jewelry? To view more designs do not forget to visit our online jewelry. Have a nice day!