If we can be sure about something is that diamonds will never go out of fashion. And some people may think, what about engagement rings? If they have diamonds is probable they remain its beauty over time, although, largely, it depends on its design.

We live in the “Fast fashion” world, in which fashions everlasting less. Trends come and go, fashions do not even become fashionable. Although, we could say that the fine jewelry world lives a little apart from the quick pass of time and, fortunately, the beauty of its items is meant to last forever. A permanent beauty that joins certain type of jewels, more than others.

Many men have some fear about the durability of an engagement ring. They try to solve it asking: what engagement ring never go out of fashion?

white gold engagement rings

Well, we have make a list with 3 engagement rings that we think they will never go out of fashion that we believe is because 3 factors: all have diamonds as main character, they have an impeccable design  and they are 18 ct white gold.

As we said, diamonds are the most suitable gemstones for engagement rings. All women adore diamond rings and they hope that their future engagement ring has these stones.

The design is another factor to consider if we want an engagement ring with a modern look that will not be out of fashion over time.  A lifelong design we consider is the one with fine and polished lines, without excessive ornamentation or complexity of lines.

Finally, the choice of material of the engagement rings is essential to determine their durability in line with what is fashionable or what ceases to be. To ensure its immortality we recommend a 18 ct white gold diamond ring because this raw material the most suitable to never get bored of it. White gold is a neutral and discreet color that gives modernity and freshness to the jewel.

So we want to help you in your choice. Above all, we want to guide those men who want to buy a unique jewel which remains intact with the pass of time, not influenced by changing fashions. So we have made a list of the four types of engagement rings that we think will never go out of style because their force will endure over time.


Solitaire engagement ring style is meant to last forever. This classic and traditional design is the number one in the rankings of the most desired engagement rings by women. Its design has many variations, but definitely this is an eternal jewel and however much the years go by, its beauty will remain.

An example of it is our princess cut engagement ring, pure architecture. Its 18 ct white gold stylized arm brings an incredible strength to it and holds the central brilliant-cut diamond.

solitaire engagement ring


Another design that we can be certain it will not be out of fashion is diamonds wedding ring. For a simple reason:  being, almost entirely, made of diamonds, its exquisite design will remain intact. If it also has a 18 ct white gold mount, success is assured.

As the next item, we show you. It is an engagement ring with their arm filled with diamonds. A stunning jewel with beautiful and independent 18 ct white gold staples holding their brilliant-cut diamonds.

engagement rings with diamonds


For those who do not want a basic solitaire engagement ring because they want something special, we encourage them to pick a design with pavé which is a groundbreaking solution  bringing the certitude that will stand the test of time.

Check it out and have a look to the next engagement ring. A lovely solitaire ring with

40 brilliant-cut diamonds set in pavé around the arm, with a total weight of 0,6 ct. In the center, radiating its delicate beauty, a central diamond tops a jewel of unmistakable profile.

engagement ring with diamonds

These are the three types of engagement rings designs that will not change through the pass of time. Within these prototypes can exist some differences due de multiplicity of designs, especially in solitaire style engagement rings. What do you think about the engagement rings that we have proposed you? If you want to see more similar models to these three designs, we invite you to visit our online jewelry!