The definitive diamond guide

At Clemència Peris we have prepared the definitive diamond guide so that you can learn about the essential aspects and characteristics of diamonds.

As many of you already know, in our firm we obtain diamonds in a totally responsible way and we select them following high quality standards.

Discover the diamond guide by Clemència Peris

guía de diamantes definitiva

Each diamond contains its own DNA. Innate characteristics composed of the stone’s dimensions, clarity, cut, shape and color.


Possibly, the cut is the most important parameter for the optical vision of the stone. A good cut produces more brilliance and sparkle. The existing cuts are: Ideal – Very Good – Good – Acceptable – Poor.

In Clemencia Peris we only work with the sizes – Ideal size and Very Good size – since they are the only ones that achieve an almost total reflection of the light. The other sizes greatly diminish the brilliance and, in turn, the quality of the diamond.


We choose diamonds in the D-H range, designated by the GIA as River, Top Weselton and Weselton quality. A range that guarantees a magnificent color to the naked eye.


Purity is measured by the clarity of the diamond and its internal or external inclusions. At Clemencia Peris we select diamonds with the following qualities: FL – IF – VVS1 – VVS2 – VS1 – VS2. We do not work with or recommend lower qualities as the stone could break due to many imperfections inside.


Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. To determine the value of a diamond, its carat is considered a primary factor. However, two diamonds of the same size can have two totally different values. It all depends on their quality.

GIA or HRD certified diamonds

calidad diamantes

All our parts are GIA or HRD certified. The most prestigious international document that guarantees their quality and characteristics. In addition, we also have our own certificate for diamonds under 0.30 carats.

A diamond certificate is a prerequisite for assessing the authenticity of diamonds.

You can see the complete diamond guide, here.

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