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Diamond rings - Carats


Carat is the weight measurement used in jewelry and refers to the diamond weight. To stipulate the carat of a diamond the experts evaluate the stone size from above as it is the way they are set in a diamond ring.

It is important to note that two diamonds with the same number of carats may have a completely different value. Their value will depend on the quality of their diamonds.

To stipulate the diamond's size, must be taken into account three factors:

  • The diamond carat weight.

    Probably the carat weight not accurately reflect the diamond size, so consider the following two aspects.

  • The distance in millimeters from the top, from side to side.

    Experts measure the stone's top because it is the part observed when the diamond is set into a ring.

  • Diamond Cut and Shape

    Specifically the degree. It is an important aspect to consider because depending on the degree the diamond cut it could vary the amount of light that it reflects. When a diamond is cut properly, the light streaming from the top makes it look bigger. By contrast, a diamond with a bad cut, a part of the weight could be hidden in the base of the stone and thus seem smaller than it actually confirm its carat weight. In conclusion, there is the possibility that a diamond with excellent cut seems that it has more carats than it really has and a diamond with more carats with a bad cut, could seem smaller.

The price of a diamond ring depends largely on the carat weight of diamonds.. The more carats, higher price. In addition, the price of diamonds shoots up with the whole carat or half carat. That is, a diamond of 0.9 qt be much more affordable than one of 1 qt.

When buying a diamond ring, it must be considered that, for example, a 3 carats ring is not exactly twice as big a diamond 1.5 carat diamond, looking it from the top.

Finally, another aspect to consider is the woman who would wear the diamond ring finger's size. It will not be seen as big a diamond of 1 qt in a size 8 than in a 14 size finger.

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