“The heart accelerates, you feel it will happen and you can not stop looking at him. How handsome he is, you think. Then the most important man in your life is on his knees, with a black box in his hand. You know it is about to happen and you like to stop time, that someone would make a photo of every second so you could watch it again and again. Why? Because you have imagined this moment since you were 15 years old.

And suddenly you listen, will you marry me my love? You do not doubt, the answer is automatic: “Yes, I do.” Then you open the box and you see it. It is perfect. The most beautiful engagement ring that you had ever seen. It is not the typical solitaire impersonally bought at any jewellery, it is an engagement ring, your ring. An improved version that you have had in your mind a million times. A ring that wears your name and which you could not stop looking at it. Because if one thing is clear, is it do not exist in the world a more beautiful ring than this one. “

engagement rings

This is like when a bride goes for the first time looking for the dress of your dreams. After 2 hours looking, she sees it and just after a few milliseconds she feels the hunch. And she know it, “this” is my dress. Mine and no one else.

With engagement rings is exactly the same. It’s not like who comes out in the morning to buy bread and they sell her/him the traditional baguette because the whole-grain bread is over. Choosing an engagement ring takes time and patience. It is the symbol that will mark a before and after in your lives and people should take the decision with their head and hearts.


An engagement ring is her, it is her own reflection. It is the years you two carry together, it is your first date and your first kiss. It is the hours spent on the phone, the early morning messages and the winter’s walks. It is your wines on Thursdays, the Fridays promises and those eternal embraces. It is the afternoon at the movies,your shared laughter and the time looking each other without a word. It is the stolen kisses, kisses felt and the kisses still to come. An engagement ring is her, it’s you. An engagement ring is your love story and nobody else.

So grooms from around the world, do not worry. It is neither difficult to find the ring that wears his/her name. You only have to look back, remember your own story and materialize it in that precious object that will be the beginning of the second book that you will write together.

There is an engagement ring for every type of woman. There are classic rings, that shine by its originality and rings with a magic architecture. These are our suggestions:


Wedding dress with a veil, handwritten invitations and “Something Stupid” by Frank and Nancy Sinatra to open the waltz.

For them, it has been created the the classic solitaire engagement ring, from we never get tired of seeing it in American films. And truth be told, there are classics that never die and we are very proud of this wonder.


A reinvented solitaire designed in 18kt white gold of four points and holding and a stylized arm with a central brilliant-cut diamond (0.2kt, 0.25kt, 0.3kt, 0.7kt, 1kt). An irresistible creation for princesses whom are going to live their particular fairy tale.

And if you like yellow gold, you’ll love this version:

Buy engagement ring yellow gold


Hands up who has fallen in love with this beauty at first sight!

Engagement ring heart cut

The heart is the engine of life, and what better way to ask her hand for marriage that with the symbol of love, par excellence.

This engagement ring is particularly designed 18kt white gold and wears 40 brilliant-cut diamonds, set in pavé, around the arm. Stands out, of course, for its spectacular central stone: A heart-cut diamond with a VS1 purity, G color and GIA / HRD certificate.

The best? It is designed in 5 different sizes: 0.5kt, 0.7kt, 1kt, 1.5kt and 3kT.

You can also find it without the diamonds set in pavé, irresistible:

engagement ring heart cut

Long live to the hearts and love!


For those who do not conform to the typical, those who are always looking for different things and uniqueness, for all who dare with everything. Only fit for them the true works of art. And this is one of them:

uniqueness ring

An engagement ring that shines by its own weight. A creation that plays with asymmetry of its two arms connected by two diamond of 1kt each one. We are in love of architecture and of men who take risks with rings like these!

We are going to seal love with rings that leave one breathless and shout out loud “yes I do“. Do you already know which is yours?