Engagement rings in the Towns on the Coast of the United Kingdom

Engagement rings in the Towns on the Coast of the United Kingdom. Who said that the United Kingdom is just home for dense green forests and milky clouds? Be prepared to learn about a coast as you have never seen before and the magic towns that guard it. From sandy beaches to dramatic cliffs and rocky formations, the coasts of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are based on one simple rule: diversity.

The same applies to the numerous coast towns and seaside resorts that populate this shores and are a major attraction during summer and winter for locals and tourists alike.

Engagement rings in the Towns on the Coast of the United Kingdom

In the following lines we will resume some of the most emblematic sites, as well as their unique and diverse preferences in the selection of Clemència Peri’s unique collection of engagement rings.

Engagements rings Llandudno

engagement rings in llandudno

The sublime and powerful coast of Wales has shaped the town of Llandudno as one of its best resort destinations in the whole United Kingdom. The taste for jewellery in the town for locals and visitors alike has been developed into a mix of fashion and new trends, resulting in the choosing of Clemència Peris’s stunning 18k pink gold Engagement ring. This unique gem with the latest in fashion of pink gold rings, is surrounded by the highest quality diamonds which gives it a final touch of elegance and modernisation.

pink gold engagement ring

Engagements rings Bangor, Northern Ireland

Engagement rings in the Towns on the Coast of the United Kingdom

A town does not get chosen as the most desirable place to live in Northern Ireland if it weren’t because the whole mix of ethereal landscapes, coastal magnificence and vibrant and cultura life, make of Bangor the green jewel in Northern Ireland that it is. It’s inhabitants have developed an especial taste for jewellery, deriving in the best selling engagement ring of the coastal town in Northern Ireland being the white gold solitaire ring, with 12 diamonds and round cut shape diamond that brings a touch of magnificence and elegance to one of the finest pieces of the collection.

solitaire engagement rings

Engagements rings Plymouth
engagement rings in plymouth

The ancient city of Plymouth stands between to rivers and between different generations and empires, which give the coastal city its astonishing character and wonderful heritage. Its amazing coastline which holds some of the country’s most envied beaches and romantic hidden coves are the perfect location for couples and lovers alike. No doubt their selection of engagement rings in this wonderful city has landed into the ethereal White gold Engagement Ring with 190 diamonds and 2 central diamonds, divided into two arms symbolising the union of two hearts.

stunning white gold engagement rings with 2 diamonds

Engagements rings Brighton

engagement rings in brighton

Vibrant town, thriving cultural life, enormous diversity and astonishing coast and landscapes, we could talk all day about Brighton and it would not be enough to define this amazing town. The so called “London-by-the-Sea” has definitely grown bigger than this nickname and become a rightful contestant of best town in the UK with its charisma and charming essence. It’s inhabitants chose a wide range of unique and trendy engagement rings, but we have to detail their unique selection on men engagement rings with the 18k white gold handmade ring with satin finishing and a black diamond. Elegance and design in its purest state.

black diamond engagement ring

Engagements rings Ayr

engagement rings in ayr

The resort town of Ayr is one of the best examples of the marvellous and astonishing coast of Scotland, which mies both dramatic and enchanting landscapes. The town has developed a special selection of vintage engagement rings which matches in perfection with its unique prehistoric heritage and modern culture and vibrant character. The most beloved engagement rings in the town has been the four points, solitary style, 18k yellow gold engagement rings which highlights its stunning brilliant-cut central diamond, making it shine forever.

yellow gold solitaire ring

Engagements rings Scarborough

engagement rings in scarborough

The largest holiday resort on the Yorkshire coast holds without a doubt one of the most memorable coasts of the country, with glorious beaches and hidden spots, but it is also a vibrant and cultural town bathed with heritage and a thriving life. Among the wide range of best selling engagement rings in Scarborough, we wanted to point at one of our most trendy and yet elegant pieces like the black gold with 3 brilliant cut diamond engagement ring from our Trilogy Collection which creates a unique and creative core.

black gold ring

There is no limit on what the coast of the queen island of Europe can offer, and its beautiful towns hold. From the mountains to the white chalk cliffs, from the rivers to the bays; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland hold much more than they presume to have and will become one of the best vacation spots for any traveller looking for dramatic landscapes that will fill their heart as well as their soul.

We can show you some of its most memorable locations, although it would be impossible to pinpoint all of them. However, we have gathered a list of the ones we consider worth checking, as well as their impecable selection of engagement rings.