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Engagement rings at Valencia

Many in Valencia have trusted Clemència Peris when choosing their first engagement rings, always searching for a unique and exclusive jewell. After discovering their taste and preferences, we have been able to identify which are the best selling engagement rings in Valencia.
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Clemencia Peris warranty

From the Jewelry Clemència Peris we take care of every detail of the process of creation and finishing of your jewelry. Our 35 years of experience have allowed us to know that a good warranty is essential for such an exclusive product.


Valencia’s citizens declare themselves romantics who pay high attention to details and do not settle for the easy stuff. They are exigent and love everything that stands out from the crowd. They value design, authenticity and harmony; tastes and preferences that translate when they have to choose an engagement rings. In Clemència Peris we have been lucky enough to witness the ranking of best selling engagement rings in Valencia, and after lots of sales and deliveries we can confirm that the most beloved rings in the city are bathed in black gold. Why? Very simple. When the time comes to choose an engagement ring, Valencia’s citizens take three factors into consideration: they want a unique design, with a neat architecture and a distinctive tonality. Of course, they also value the quality of the materials such as the best gold and cut-shaped diamonds.; therefore, our designs fit perfectly with their tastes and preferences. There are plenty of fantastic spots to ask for marriage in Valencia, being some of our favourites La Albufera de Valencia, la Marina Real Juan Carlos I, where you can walk in front of a gorgeous sunset, or los Viveros y Jardines del Real. Perfect places where couples can express their love and start a new chapter of their lives.

Looking for Engagement rings in Valencia?

From Valencia you can also choose sublime engagement rings, pieces of high jewelry designed by Clemència Peris and handcrafted by our master jewelers.
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