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Diamond rings - Shape


Clemència Peris commitment in new diamond shapes while maintaining quality standards in each. We shape diamond rings in brilliant-cut, princess-cut, oval-cut, pear-cut and heart-cut to suit tastes and personality of each client.


    A brilliant-cut diamond ring is the one that presents a round shaped gemstone. One might say that is the best known and most demanded shape, especially for diamond engagement rings, solitaire style. However it is also common to see it in diamond wedding rings or rings with diamonds.

    Brilliant-cut diamonds have been for years, and still are, the most researched. Diamond specialists cutters studying mathematical formulas to improve the light impact on them and thus achieve maximum brilliance. All brilliant-cut diamonds we use in Clemència Peris are of the highest quality and do not work with diamonds submit inferior characteristics.


    Princess-cut diamond rings are considered the most popular second-best behind the brilliant-cut ones. They are items that captivates for its beauty, for its exceptional cut and its beautiful shine.

    Princess-cut diamonds are square shaped and their sharp corners give them those so special proportions. These beautiful items are generally used for engagement rings or wedding rings with many diamonds with this kind of cut. Princess-cut diamond rings manage to transform high jewelry items into authentic and exquisite creations.


    The oval-cut diamond rings are very similar to the brilliant-cut diamond rings. They have the same precious brightness, but they are more elongated, thus they have a more pronounced length.

    Rings with oval diamonds are considered perfect jewels to highlight the finger length. They are also suitable for women with slender fingers getting an astonishing effect of elegance and delicacy.


    A pear-cut diamond is also known as a teardrop diamond. Its name stems from its shape: a round end and the other shaped edge.

    This attractive shape makes that diamond rings acquire an undeniable beauty. Further, the length of the diamond causes a similar effect than the oval-cut shape, but more pronounced that stylizes the finger.


    The heart-cut is the symbol of love par excellence, and therefore a diamond ring with this cut is a symbol of eternal love. With this lovely look, everyone fall in love with these diamonds at first sight.

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