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The cut could be considered one of the four most important characteristics to determine the value of a diamond because it has the strongest impact on stone look.

When a diamond ring is acquired, you must observe before all else in the gemstone's cut. The diamond cut will determine the quantity of light passing through the diamond and therefore its brightness or sparkle.

Gemologists have been established this range as the most important for calibrating the stone's optical view; i.e. the visual beauty of the diamond. That's why diamond rings with a good cut will reflect as much light as possible.


The work of an expert gem-cutter is to get a diamond ring that reflects as much light as possible. In diamond cut with the proper proportions, light returns and emerges from the top, achieving exceptional brightness.

There are five types of cuts and each gets a different brightness:

  • Ideal or Excellent Cut

    This is the best cut that exists and, therefore, it is the most expensive one. A diamond engagement ring with this kind of cut has an exceptional brightness. The diamond reflects the maximum possible light and the stone's brightness is exquisite.

  • Very good Cut

    This is a very common cut in which the ratio value-price is suitable. It reflects nearly as much light as the ideal cut.

  • Good Cut

    Diamonds reflect most of light that reaches them. It is a type of medium cut, and therefore more economical.

  • Fair or Acceptable Cut

    They are quality diamonds, but do not have the same degree of brilliance than better quality cuts.

  • Poor Cut

    Diamonds with this kind of cut, hardly shine. They lose most of light from the sides and the bottom that is why it is not advisable to purchase them.

In Clemència Peris we highly appreciate the brilliance of a diamond that is why we only work with Ideal and Very good cuts. So, we can offer to our customers the highest quality items. These cuts reach almost total reflection of light, thus providing a very spectacular shine.

Diamond rings with the better cuts represent a great combination of beauty and value.

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