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Diamond rings - Color


The color of a diamond refers to the absence or perception of a yellowish hue, which is classified in ranges. A diamond ring can have from D grade color (the highest possible - colorless) to Z color (the lowest and more yellow one). The less color of a diamond ring, the greater its degree of color, and consequently, the greater will be its quality.

Color is considered the second most important feature to consider when picking a diamond. First, is the size because the human eye detects the brilliance of the diamond and then its color.

The best color may have a diamond ring is colorless, although it is very rare to find diamonds of this type. Their price would increase considerably.

A colorless diamond allows light to pass through it cleanly, so its quality is excellent.

As we said, diamonds' color is classified in some ranges. The truth is that the differences between tonalities are very subtle. Color grading scale:

  • D: Colorless diamond.

    This is the highest color range, and therefore more expensive. Its use is very rare.

  • F/E: Colorless diamond.

    It is the second most valued range. At first glance it is a completely colorless color that shows no sign of color. Only specialized gemologists would be able to detect some small trace of color. Continues to be a rare diamond.

  • H/G. Near Colorless diamond.

    This color range is good value for money. Diamonds in this range are one of the most widely used due its excellent quality. Apparently, they do not exhibit any color, only if these diamonds are compared with a range of superior color someone could detect the subtle difference.

  • J/I. Near Colorless diamond.

    These are a lower rank than the previous ones. They have a color with a yellowish hue, although the difference is very subtle.

  • M/K. Faint yellow diamond.

    At first glance, the human eye could already see their yellow color. Therefore, its price is lower than the above ranks.

  • Z/N. Very light and light yellow diamond.

    We do not recommend them. They are very yellow ones so they are categorized as low quality diamonds.

Clemència Peris only designs diamond rings from upper ranges D-H which guarantee an extraordinary color to the naked eye. These ranks have been designated by the GIA as quality ranges: River, Top Weselton and Weselton.

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