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Diamond rings - Certification


When purchasing a diamond ring is important to get a certificate that guarantees the quality of the stone.

A certificate is the official evaluation of the different qualities of a diamond. That is, it is the document that shows each one of the diamond properties and certifies its quality.

Expert gemologists are responsible for developing this document after inspecting and evaluate the diamond through magnifying glasses and microscopes of great precision to draft a complete certificate containing all the gemstone features: the stone dimensions, its color, symmetry, polishing, shape and cut, among others.

Each diamond ring contains its own certificate where is contained its own figurative "DNA". A requirement to assess the authenticity of each diamond.


Each and every Clemència Peris diamond rings are certified. The firm works with three different types of certificates depending on the carats of the diamond.

For rings with less than 0.3 qt diamonds, Clemència Peris issues its own certificate. And for diamond rings with 0.3 qt weight we deliver international certificates GIA or HRD.


Clemència Peris works with two types of international certificates, the awarded by the world's most prestigious laboratory, the Gemological Institute (American Gemological Institute of America) the GIA and the one granted by the High Diamond Council of Antwerp, known as HRD.

Both laboratories have an international reputation and are among the most prestigious, respected and valued within the diamond industry. They are known worldwide for their professionalism and for their diamond grading systems. Rings with diamonds endorsed these laboratories are the most valued within the industry.

A certification that verifies that the diamonds comply the stringent quality requirements that our firm Clemència Peris demands.

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