What you need to know about wedding rings

One of the most common beliefs or thoughts about wedding rings is that they have to be simple, classic and smooth. And although this type of wedding ring can fulfill many couples, there are many others who are increasingly looking for something different either changing the texture, including some precious stones or picking a different finish.

Although there are couples with completely different tastes. It is best that everyone chooses the wedding ring they like the most. As recently Eva Longoria and her husband José Breton made. He was faithful to traditionalism and chose a wedding band in yellow gold, 18kt probably, totally smooth. And she opted for a more exclusive design changing the texture of her ring.

eva longoria wedding rings

We will share with you all that you need to know before buying a wedding ring, as these consisted of pieces of fine jewelry should not rush. It never hurts to know what offers us the current market. We break traditions and we bet on textured wedding rings, diamonds, matte finish and different thicknesses.


There is a beyond wedding bands that everyone has in mind; the smooth ones. You can buy a different and exclusive finish wedding ring. There are textures and decorative details that make your choice to be special and unique. For example, there are three types of finish suiting three different profiles.

Wedding rings with glossy finish

In this type, brightness is the star. You will be able to see your own reflection in it.

yellow gold wedding rings

Wedding rings with matte finish

Matte wedding bands offer a different and unusual finish, as we show below.

matte wedding rings

Textured wedding rings

The choice is yours if you want a completely unique, original and with a touch of modernism wedding ring.

yellow gold wedding rings


Diamonds are the most sought for the manufacture of these rings. Wedding rings with diamonds are magical and they have endless possibilities. We have selected some of them to give you an idea of the beauty of this type of rings.

wedding rings with diamonds pink gold wedding rings
wedding rings with diamonds

wedding rings with diamonds


Brides often bet on the typical wedding bands. But, what about grooms? We also have designs created for those who like a masculine ring. Usually, men feel comfortable with thick rings. That’s why we have male wedding rings with a pronounced width. Look at these:

male wedding rings

male white gold wedding rings


The shape of a wedding bands may be different depending on their edges. Some are half round wedding bands and others have square corners wedding bands. Look at these two examples:


half round wedding bands

square corners wedding bands


Do you think that only yellow gold is used for making wedding bands? Now more than ever are booming other colors such as white gold, pink gold or black gold. Which one do you like the most?

wedding rings


Now you know a little more about wedding rings. In our online jewelry you can find many more models. It is important that you see different ones so you can choose the one you like!

In this video you will watch the most successful wedding rings models, made with pink and gold surrounded by high quality diamonds. Do you like them?