The children the jewels of the future.

The largest diamond is a child

Children, jewelry future. After the last international day for the children, since the drafting of the magazine of Clemència Peris we have not wanted to pass up the opportunity to devote an article to the reflection on the importance and value that have the smaller in the future not only of our society, but also of our entire species.

Protection, love, future

The smaller they are, or should be, for all of us, an essential pillar on which to build on that foundation, our future. Children are, in power, the change that society needs to thrive in the time. The ideas, customs, tradition, art, economics, and many more of the items that are part of our operation as a society must be enshrined in the smaller for that with the passage of time and, thanks to the academic training they receive, they can shape their errors, improvements, and to safeguard the progress for which, again, they will arrive later.
For this reason, childhood is the period with more tenderness and dedication, we must cultivate with an inexhaustible effort.
In spite of the fact that all look at and certainly recognize that must be the children of a child, commonly we are spectators of the numerous atrocities committed at the expense of the smaller ones which, in many cases can be found in situations of a high risk to their health, growth, their intellectual development or unfortunately, situations in which what is put at risk is what value is highest, his own life.
Often, in many places in the world that the poverty rate goes to rise and, in that its resources are increasingly more limited, we see that the last to receive what they need are children. Also occurs in the countries considered as belonging to the first world, children who are in a situation of social exclusion, children who do not succeed in realizing even the sufficient meals a day, which are necessary for its development.
In situations like this, they are put at risk, and even, to violate the fundamental rights of these children is rarely observed a fight to utter disrespect for these same rights.
For this reason, since our wording, the team of Clemència Peris wants to make an appeal to reason, common sense, organizations, governments, platforms, but especially to the soul and the heart not only to the responsible but to humanity as a whole if necessary, to fight for the children, by which we believe, are the jewels of greater value in the world, which we have to shine, with which we should work with special dedication and love, the jewels that really matter, the children.

Our commitment

Nor can we forget, the countless people, organizations and companies that as we bring our little grain of sand, to maintain the dignity, security and the future of our young children. With this intention the diamonds that Clemència Peris uses in their designs have not been obtained through child labor, nor, in turn, nor ever have been used the so-called “blood diamonds” extracted via a labor force that is under subhuman conditions.

For this reason we can say with pride that one of the main pillars that support this signature is the corporate social responsibility.

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