The Best-selling engagement rings in Wales

The Best-selling engagement rings in Wales. The western jewell of the United Kingdom, Wales, is regarded as one of the modern Celticnations that has been inhabited for at lest 20.000 years. Ruled by the Romans over 300years, the area started its long lasting relation with mining with big deposits of gold andsilver, and later on during the industrial Revolution with coal and iron, although it had amajor economy based on wool and agricultural activities since the 19th century. Annex to England on the 16th century, the dramatic landscape bathed with an astonishing coast,beaches, mountain ranges and deep forests, is one of the major characteristics of this untameable country.

The Best-selling engagement rings in Wales

With its mix of ancient historical heritage and modern culture and arts, Wales is a countryof contrasts that get very well reflected into its inhabitants selections on jewels, alwaysexclusive and unique. In the next section we will revise some of the most prominent townsin Wales as well as their preferences in engagement rings.

Engagement rings in Newport

The ancient port and strategic location on the south of Wales, Newport, has become amajor focus for education int he country and a centre for culture and historic heritage. Through the town, some of the most beloved jewels from Clemència’s collection reflect thesettlement’s unique character, such as the 18 kt yellow gold solitaire ring with a round cutshape diamond and glossy finish and tiny arms, symbolising elegance and power.

engagement rings in newport

Engagement rings in Barry

engagement rings in wales

Seaside resort and prominent industrial town, Barry has it all on the coast of Wales whereit stands as a reference of culture, heritage and character. This unique set of features led its inhabitants to the styled selection of the White gold Engagement Rings with a natural Sapphire from the “Per Sempre” Collection, which reflects a discreet expression of luxuryin this perfect match between jewell and gold.

engagement rings in barry

Engagement rings in Cardiff

engagement rings in wales

Known as Europe’s youngest capital city, Cardiff is the seat of the assembly of Wales and areference in culture, art and nature thanks to its extensive parkland, as well a a must seefor its historic heritage and ancient buildings. Couples in the city developed severalpredilections for some of Clemència’s most exclusive jewels, being one of the best selling pieces the white gold engagement ring with three heart-cut shape diamonds, belonging tothe trilogy collection. Three diamonds for two lovers.

engagement rings in cardif

Engagement rings in Llandudno

The astonishing and powerful coast of Wales has shaped the town of Llandudno as one ofits bast resort destinations in the whole United Kingdom. The taste for jewellery in thetown for locals and visitors alike has been developed into a mix of fashion and new trends,resulting in the choosing of Clemència Peris’s Stunning 18k pink gold Engagement Ring. This unique gem with the latest in fashion of pink gold rings, is surrounded by the highestquality diamonds which gives it a final touch of elegance and modernisation.

engagement rings in llandudno

Engagement rings in Swansea

Magnificent coastline, amazing leafy parks and some impressive cultural centres, is whatawaits in Swansea, one of the most iconic and beloved cities in Wales. Throughout thetown and its surroundings, couples have developed a especial taste on some of the mosttrendy rings that Clemència’s collections offer. However, today we want to revela one of itsbest selling en engagement rings such as the men ring with 18 k white gold and black rhodium that divides both colours into a perfect symbiosis of power and elegance.

engagement rings in swansea

Through the whole country of Wales one might found more than adventures andastonishing landscapes, one can find a true paradise of culture, history and thriving life asit is. On the following lines you may find some of the many beautiful towns that populate Wales, as well as their unique selection of engagement rings in the UK.

Engagement rings in Rhondda, Cynon, Taff 

Engagement rings in Swansea 

Engagement rings in Caerphilly 

Engagement rings in Carmarthen 

Engagement rings in Bridgend 

Engagement rings in Newport 

Engagement rings in Wrexham 

Engagement rings in Merthyr Tydfil 

Engagement rings in Barry 

Engagement rings in Bangor 

Engagement rings in Haverfordwest 

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