Emeralds are considered one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. So emerald cut diamond rings are among the most desired by women.

Everyone falls in love with its color, but depending on the green hue of the stone, it will have more or less value. That is to say; the color of an emerald ring is determined, largely, by the degree of color of the gemstone which, in turn, is determined by the stone’s purity and transparency.

You probably have heard talking about the “Colombian emerald”. Colombia is the first mining place of these gemstones in all the world. Especially Bogotá, where are two of the biggest deep green emeralds mines. Brazil has also  numerous emerald mines, but there the stones are clearer than the Colombian ones.

These gemstones have a hardness of 8 on the Moh scale, so they are quite resistant. Although we do not recommend ultrasonic or vapor cleaning, it could fracture them. The best cleaning option is a professional jeweler.

Now that you know a little more about the emeralds’ precious world, we will show you 5 of the most desirable emerald rings.


The first model we want to show you makes to fall in love with this design for its simplicity and extreme elegance. It is a thin ring with 42 emeralds along its whole arm. This beautiful emerald ring is crafted in 18kt white gold with a 4 staples mount to set each one of the stones.

emerald rings

The second model is pure love. This is one of the most admired designs for our customers. It is an emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a spectacular natural stone protruding from the main arm which has 143 brilliant-cut diamonds set in pavé. A piece that distills beauty now and ever.

emerald rings

The third design is very similar to the above. It is the same model without pavé in the arm. A 18 ct emerald cut solitaire engagement ring created to fall in love with it and its emerald will make turn heads.

emerald rings

The following design is a 18 ct emerald cut diamond engagement ring, with 2 brilliant-cut diamonds and a wonderful natural emerald. The combination of both gemstones makes it an extraordinary beautiful ring. The total weight of this jewel is 15,5 g. Emerald has a weight of 1,04 ct and diamonds, a total of 0,13 ct. A really stunning model.

emerald rings

Finally, we want to show you a yellow gold emerald cut diamond ring. A unique and unrepeatable emeralds and diamonds design. This is a 18 ct yellow gold ring with 116 brilliant-cut diamonds with a total weight of 2 ct, set in pavé and accompanied with a 1 ct natural emerald, at the top. Undoubtedly, a magnificent work of art combining architecture, modernism and sophistication.

emerald rings

Five designs that fit perfectly according to every woman and every occasion. And you, which one do you choose? If you would like to see more emerald rings, engagement rings, diamond rings or wedding bands designs, we invite you to visit our jewelry online. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us. Have a nice day!