Quartz stones with flavor to wine

The citrine quartz, purity and authenticity

Quartz stones with flavor to wine. For a long time in the past, what we now know and understand by jewelry was often known as the art of silversmithing. Many of the precious minerals that are crimped in jewelry, necklaces or objects of value, were minerals such as amethyst, agate, lapis lazuli, amber, the Alexandrite, the jasper or garnet, and a long list that follows them.
Its peculiar color, it is clear from its name, since, citrine comes from the latin “citrus”, which means lemon. This precious ore then seems a bit peculiar color, a color slightly yellowish, slyly reminds us, to be seen in the light, the color of a white wine as it well could be, without doubt choosing at random, a chateau Montalena reserve of 1996.
As every precious stone, its color its resistance, chemical composition, size, brightness etc. are direct brand and main reference in determining its purity and authenticity. However, it is amazing to see how, in the case of the citrine quartz, is the subject of countless ways of deception in terms of its production to the subsequent sale to the public.
It is common to find in the market a type of quartz citrine carved so that it is an inseparable reality the difference between this and the imperial topaz. Another fabrication even more common, if it is, is to sell it to as natural citrine quartz, when in reality, has been subjected to a process by which, at high temperatures, it is mixed with amethyst to achieve an aspect of stone much more aesthetic, brighter and more sharpness of color.
At present, it is extremely complicated, find citrine quartz in natural circumstances, normally what we can find on the market shall be stones chemically treated or altered in its composition with other stones and they are sold as citrine pure.
However recognize the yellow color of citrine should not be so complicated. One of the comparisons more lyrical, worthy of the beautifully written literature and in love with parallels romantic and sophisticated, is the one that contrasts with the color of the citrine with the soft, sweet tone of a white wine that all, without doubt, still eludes us to recognize it as a tone similar to that of the gently fresh lime, yellow and powerful flavor.
Woman Drinking Wine by the Sea

The citrine talisman

There is an abundance of information that flows through the network and argues that the power they wield, as a talisman, many of the gemstones that are used in jewelry. An example we have it in the eye of ox, which is associated, commonly, the increase of physical resistance as well as it is considered a breastplate to the “negative influences” that, often, we find around us in the remainder of the day.

Also the pyrite, which helps to enhance talents that, to our eyes, are hidden and that is assisting us in moments of our lives in which substantial changes occur, for whatever reason. Likewise, and as is common relate to this sophisticated gem that is the ruby, the passion and the sexual appetite go out to meet to carry any.
In the case of the citrine, in matters of health, he is regarded as a powerful healer of problems of thyroid function.
The crystals and precious gems at this level are often divided into very different categories. One of these categories, it is the distinction between gems and gem male female. The citrine, cataloged in this case as a gem masculine, it’s the characteristic of being projective of good vibrations. It releases energy to the outside, energy focused on healing, the same way that projected the desire, radiates confidence, offers security and strengthens the will and the spirit.
The characteristics of these gems relating to masculinity, projection, strength and power virile, are gems that, they are usually associated with the destruction of diseases, the reinforcement of the conscience, the courage, physical strength and success in the conquest of personal challenges, both professional and romantic.

Quartz stones with flavor to wine - The citrine quartz

A Chardonnay to reveal the citrine brightness

A court of curiosity, we can say that, so precious, limited to find the little purity of the stones that are in the market, brightness of the citrine quartz can be achieved by submerging this precious gem in a white wine of quality.
Chardonnay to reveal the brightness citrine: A court of curiosity, we can say that, so precious, limited to find the little purity of the stones that are in the market, the brightness of the citrine quartz can be achieved by submerging this precious gem in a white wine of quality.
It must be borne in mind, that by releasing certain harmful substances, it is not advisable drink wine after having cleaned quartz in there.

Woman Drinking Wine by the Sea