Marsala, Pantone color of the year

Pantone Marsala

Who is Pantone?

As many of our readers already know, Pantone™ is a well-known world benchmark, recognized as the standard language for the communication of the color for both designers, such as for manufacturers, retailers and even individuals.
Pantone™, subsidiary of X-Rite, stands as a renowned international reference of the world of color. Their activities are diverse, but its most outstanding qualities are to be the provider of color systems more important of the world.
He was also recognizes the possession of the technology leader in selection of the color as well as the leadership in the communication of color across the industry.

Pantone Marsala

Pantone Color of the year

This newly begun 2015, Pantone™, has selected, again, a color reference in the whole world, which will be common in all kinds of designs. The Marsala is a color which contains a very specific tones, a color, earthy color wine, of great elegance and entity that always gives a sense of proximity with the rural world, as well as peace, calm and serenity that we always transmits the field.
This color, Marsala, emanates from if a special warmth that takes us to the feeling of having tasted a delicious and hearty meal, surrounded by a peaceful setting and full of calmness, as a pond crystal clear calm waters of the mountain, around the always friendly bathroom of sunlight that passes through the leaves of autumn already outdated.

This year it is a color that conveys to us the Vermeerian quietism, pacific, developer and pleasant. A sense of emptiness, that invites to the observation of the romantic nature of a dead trompe l’oeil still life, landscape and warm autumn.

This new color Marsala is meant as a good option by which opt in dressing a table, to accompany the work of cooking, as well as a good option, also, to renew the bed linen, bath towels or ideal to give that air of countryside to our home to knowingly using a refined color, and solemnity of entity such as the lounges of the Versailles of Louis XVI.

Clemència Peris and trends

From Clemencia Peris launched, as is natural in us, a proposal for our customers with the who, in addition to being able to wear the color of the year, will be able to acquire a piece that consists with the always complex process of artisan that defines the work of our signature. A piece of exceptional quality no less remarkable than its wonderful design by the hands of our designer and founder, Clemencia Peris Barba.
The Clemencia Peris are parts that, in communion with the design, are presented with a wide variety of precious gems that seamed to hand with its brightness, sharpness and quality will dazzle anyone who attaches inevitably his view on them.
We hope once again to enjoy our work and our commitment to the tendencies, always at the forefront of the fashion, design and the sensitive work, unique artisanal and our signature.