Latest trends in Jewellery in Barcelona. From medieval time to post-modernism, through the Renaissance, Art Nouveau and ArtDeco, the history of jewellery has been marked by distinction, nobility and elegance. Centuries of trends, materials, symbols, and prestige, have marked the journey of a worldmarvelled by exclusivity and design.

Barcelona has been considered for many years as a city marked by design and art, thanks to various figures of the city that have given it an importance and globalrecognition in this area. No wonder then, that art is part of the DNA of the region, giving life to unique projects such as the high jewellery in Barcelona of Clemència Peris.

The handmade jewels by Clemència Peris have become in recent years a reference of art, design and passion for exclusivity, giving the final touch to countless ceremonies andoccasions.

Latest trends in Jewellery in Barcelona

Today we bring you in exclusive, the latest trends in jewellery in Barcelona that have beenmarked by the symbiosis between design and passion that the city houses in each of itscorners. Thanks to our more than thirty years of experience and knowledge, both in theregion and in the world of fine jewellery, we have compiled an extensive list with the latest innovations and wishes most valued in engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewellery in the shape of earrings and riviere bracelets

The engagement rings in Barcelona

Gold has always been one of the most precious and coveted materials in the world. It isnot surprising that as far as engagement rings are concerned, this is the material mostchosen by couples around the world. However, this exquisite element can have differentshapes and very special colours, which will perfectly accompany any ceremony andperson.

Some of the most desired pieces in these last seasons in Barcelona have been undoubtedly the engagement rings in white gold. These magnificent pieces stand out withtheir spectacular brightness and color, highlighting the subtleties and beauties of anyhand, and praising the precious diamonds with which they are crowned, whether insolitary style or surrounded in brilliant cut. In addition to white gold, this wonderful collection also shines with the new and breakthrough rose gold, the elegant and mysterious black gold and the classic but eternal yellow gold.

jewellery in barcelona

Wedding rings in Barcelona

It is time to choose a wedding band that will join you at the most precious moment of theceremony (apart from the party) and that you will both share.

For this election, couplesusually come accompanied by their other half to choose together the wedding ring that better represents their union and will make them both shine. Both wedding bands in whitegold and yellow gold have been the most chosen in recent seasons due to their uniquebrightness and color, as well as their versatility in combining with any element in thewedding.

However, more and more couples have begun to choose the new and breakthrough collections of wedding rings in rose gold and black gold, to give a uniqueflavour and tone to both the ceremony and the rest of the wedding, in addition to thecomplement that will accompany them on a day to day basis.

Today, we bring you two ofthe most sold wedding rings in rose gold and black gold, so you can see how the subtletythe craftsmanship of these pieces create a perfect symbiosis of design and passion.

jewellery in barcelona

jewellery in barcelona

The exclusive riviere bracelets in Barcelona

Subtlety and elegance are two of the words that perfectly define the collection of riviere bracelets in Barcelona created by Clemència Peris.

These simple and at the same time powerful handmade pieces of jewellery in the city of Barcelona, have become in a short time one of the favourite complements of many of our clients and experts, who have beenable to value their details in white gold and yellow gold, apart from the finishes with diamonds of the highest purity. Exclusive accessories for events and even day to dayrituals, which give a touch of class and distinction to anyone who takes them.

riviere barcelona

The latest trend in men’s rings in Barcelona

The collections of engagement rings for men, in addition to wedding bands or simply rings for men as accessories, have been some of the best selling pieces in recent seasons.

It is clear that they also appreciate the subtleties and elegance of these handmade pieces of jewellery in Barcelona, with which the collections of rings andaccessories have been expanded to meet all the tastes and requirements of our exclusive customers.

Some of the best-selling pieces are still those forged in yellow gold and white gold, as well as some of our latest designs in black gold and even rose gold that give atouch of elegance and set trends alike.

men jewellery in barcelona

The most sought-after wedding earrings in Barcelona

Which earrings could better match the unique dress, rather than our selection of diamond earrings in Barcelona.

These exclusive pieces forged in white gold, pink gold and yellow gold, serve to combine in any situation that is required. Together with the purest diamonds and gemstones on the market, these earrings stand as a benchmark for highend jewellery in Barcelona, and as one of the most sought-after pieces in the Clemència Peris collection.

white gold earrings barcelona

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