It’s official, you already have the engagement ring. After a long time, you’ve decided to take this big step and asking for marriage to the woman of your life. But, have you really thought about how you will perform this? Maybe you need some tips for popping the question

Probably you still feel excited after buying the engagement ring. Moreover, surely your nerves have increased and your head has begun to fill with questions like: where I will pop the question?, what will I say to her?, when is the best time to give her the ring?, how she will react? Do not worry, it is normal you feel your heart beating very fast every time you think about it. Most of the grooms feel the same until her “yes”. From that moment, magically, nerves disappear completely.

This is part of the process and is nice, although you think it is not. It is the way your body tells you’re doing the right thing. If you were not excited about it, this won’t work.

We have met many grooms who, after buying their engagement rings, they ask us for advice on popping the question worried about doing a perfect marriage proposal. We want to help them, of course, so here we give to all of you 8 tips to improve this magical and special moment in your life desiring everything to be perfect.


tips for popping the question

  1. Choose a special place to both. Some options might be where you had your first date or during a romantic weekend you’ve planned by surprise.
  2. They love to pamper themselves. Give her a manicure session before asking her for marriage. She will not suspect at all and she will thank you at the moment of taking a thousand photos of your engagement rings.
  3. Manage to put her favorite song giving that moment a truly special meaning. She will not resist and she will fall surrendered at your feet. If you do it in a restaurant, speak previously with the bartender.
  4. Think exactly what do you want to say. It may seem silly but nerves can play you a trick and you would appreciate then having tried it a few times before.
  5. Think twice where you hide the ring. There is nothing worse than she discovers your surprise early.
  6. When you go to ask marriage, kneel down. And when you have your knee on the floor take her hand and pop the question. This gesture will add romance and intimacy to the act.
  7. When she has said “YES” , slide the ring for her finger, do not do it before! And remember, the engagement ring goes on the left hand. It may seem obvious, but in that moment, with your heart beating a thousand miles per hour, you will forget even the simplest thing.
  8. Organize an event with your family and closest friends and give them the news. It is a way for them to be part of one of the most important moments of your life.

Did you like these tips for popping the question? If you follow these little tips, we are sure that your marriage proposal will be perfect and nothing will fail. It is a big step that you should live with passion. Now it is time to start planning your wedding and, with your permission, we took the freedom to give you another tip for the big day. Do not let the choice of your wedding rings for the last minute. This is a really important decision that you have to take with time. Future grooms, we wish you all the luck in the world!