Every women dream with an engagement ring. It’s something that they have always desired, this precious moment which they have dreamed on more than once; an eternal and especial moment.

When it happens, we want to immortalize this moment forever, we want to revive it as often as possible. And so, when he offers us the engagement ring of our dreams we want to take a perfect photo of it. A photo that besides reminding us that happy moment, would help us to share our precious jewel with all our friends and family.

engagement ring

We must say in advance that taking a picture of an engagement ring is not as easy as it seems and even less if it contains diamonds, as it is often not fully appreciated how they shine, actually. But do not worry, we have some effective tips to get the ideal picture.


  • Try to make the photo with natural light. A good option is to do it outside but trying that the sun does not to touch it directly. It can also be done inside if comes in natural light and it is a bright room. It is important to avoid making the picture with artificial light because it will not be so beautiful and the brilliance of the diamond will hardly be appreciated.
  • Do not do the photo with any backdrop. Try to pick a nice, clean and restrained place to do not steal importance to the engagement ring. Scenarios with too many elements can distract attention from the ring, so it is advisable to choose a clear and light-colored backdrop.
  • Make a photo of your finger with the engagement ring on it. It will give a point of realism bringing value to the image. It is a way that the ring looks in all its splendor.

engagement ring

  • Linking to the previous point, make your manicure before taking the picture. The ring will looks better with painted nails and well manicured hands. So you give absolute prominence to your engagement ring. Otherwise, people might pay more attention to “badly painted nails”  than to your diamond ring.
  • Try not forcing your pose. A natural and spontaneous picture is much nicer for these occasions.
  • Another very important thing to keep in mind is to avoid zooming with the camera because you could lose image quality, it could appear pixelated or not have enough sharpness. If you want to make a close-up of the jewel, it is recommended that you stay near to it to get a close-up focused.
  • Finally, it is better to take the picture with a camera. The cell phone’s came does not usually have enough quality to get a 100% sharped picture. The difference between both is quite remarkable.

engagement ring

Try these tricks to get an excellent picture of your engagement ring. But first, you just have to find the white gold wedding ring of your dreams. We invite you to visit our online jewelry designs to discover them. In the following link you can find out many advantages we offer in your online purchase. Have a nice week!