Before the wedding, before the “yes I do”, before the first dance and before the “happily ever after” there is a moment that changes everything. A moment that for some is sacred and one has to live up to fulfill their expectations: the proposition, and more specifically, the engagement ring.

And that depends exclusively on them. And it seems easy, but it is not. But do not panic, from the Clemència Peris team we have produced the definitive guide for grooms, from around the world, to help you choose the engagement ring of her dreams, with which you will get the “yes I do” accompanied by tears, hugs and an overwhelming happiness.

1. The diamond as absolute protagonist

engaagement ring

If engagement rings are characterized for anything is by the inclusion of stones in their designs. Normally, they usually wear a diamond, a stone that symbolizes everything in declarations of love. Without doubt, the safest bet and also that the bride will have in mind. Make sure that the diamond or diamonds of the engagement ring you choose, are of good quality, getting the most perfect design as possible. Here you can learn everything you need to know about the quality of them here, in our diamond guide.

2. Reflect their personality

Keep in mind that who is going to wear the engagement ring is going to be her, not you. That is why it is important to adapt, as much as possible, to her taste, you know what will thrill her.

It is likely that on occasion, she had given you some clue, while she is mesmerized looking at rings online (yes, we usually do!) Or she has made a comment on her friend’s engagement ring, for example if she prefers white gold, yellow gold or rose gold; a more innovative design or a traditional solitaire. Try to remember all this, it is valuable information.

3. Girlie Help

engagement ring

If given the unlikely event that she never gave you any clues about how she wanted to be her dreamed engagement ring, you can resort to the closer female support, as their friends, sisters or his mother.

Women had talked about this a million times and they will surely can guide you. But remember that the engagement ring is for your future wife and although she has a prototype ring of her dreams, you have to take risks and surprise her, always within the fringe of her personality. She could has an ideal engagement ring, but there are plenty that she even imagines and one of these will be the one, with a unique design, with you have to surprise your fiancée, lefting her run out of breath.

4. Advantages of buying an engagement ring online

The budget plays a key role in choosing an engagement ring. So, we have to adapt to it and choose the option that best suits to it.

But you have to be smart trying to get the best price at all costs. How? We explain you. The traditional jewelry prices are usually higher than those you will find at an online jewelry stores because traditional stores has many more expenses than a web page. So think it twice because you can save a lot of money and with your budget you can even pick a higher quality design.

5. There is not only the traditional solitaire

engagement ring

Many people associate the traditional engagement ring with a solitaire. But perhaps she does not like this classic design. Currently, many engagement rings are shaped like half wedding ring or a complete wedding ring, full of diamonds. A lovely and different design known as Catalan ring, like the one that the Spanish king Felipe gave to her princess in the engagement ceremony.

Letizia Ortiz engagement ring

6. Customization

If something like women is exclusivity, this detail that makes it unique. And in an engagement ring it is essential and you can do it easily, with the text engraved inside. Think of something special for you two that date that changed everything or a sentence that only makes sense for both. The perfect choice to add emotional value to what will be, for sure, an improved version of the ring of your dreams.

engagement ring

And if you are looking for are innovative, unique and exquisite designs, we would like to propose to you taking a look at our proposals, we are convinced you will find HER ring and you can benefit from all advantages that we offer online.