There are many engagement rings. Nowadays there are thousands of designs to satisfy every type of customer and to adapt perfectly to every type of woman. But we are not going to focus on the style or the shape of the jewels. Today, we go a step further and we are going to study another essential aspect that gives life to engagement rings: the type of gold they are made of.

white gold engagement rings

Mariona Serrat, an expert in high jewelry, explained us  what we should consider when buying an engagement ring. Today, she will talk us about the most common types of gold used for making engagement rings and which color suits better, depending on the woman taste and her skin tone.

When we talk about engagement rings you surely will think on white gold engagement rings or yellow gold engagement rings, but did you know that exists even pink gold engagement rings or black gold engagement rings? If you want to know more about them and see some models, do not miss the next video.


Could we consider that the white gold is the most used for the creation of engagement rings?

In conventional jewelry we could say so. In design jewelry, today, practically all materials have the same importance.

You bet on different types of gold to create your engagement rings. Can you show us any example?

Yes of course. One of the first example I’m going to show you is black gold. It is a very characteristic from Clemència Peris. This is one of the main finish that we suggest to our clients that want an original engagement ring. The black gold is obtained from the treatment of white gold with rhodium giving the metal this black aspect. It is 18 ct gold as well and the metal quality is the same. This black finish gives two advantages: first, the color of the jewel itself is more transgressive so we can create a more trendy jewel; and second, the contrast between black and white emphasizes the diamond’s light.

The black gold also allows us to reach all kinds of customer profile, even future clients looking for something special in high jewelry, a jewel different of the ones from the classic industry. We could offer all finishes for any kind of personality, sophisticated and more casual looks, even for jeans lovers because our rings blend perfectly with any type of personality and style.

Pink gold is a much more romantic option than the black gold one, in terms of engagement rings. In fair-skinned people, pink gold gets a nice harmony with this type of skin. The pink gold is 18 ct gold as well which is obtained from the alloy of various metals, including copper, where we get this pink hue in gold which is very fashionable in  high jewelry.

The third option I will show you, perhaps is the most common talking about diamond rings: the 18 ct white gold choice where the white gold helps to highlight the stones, stealing relevance to the mount,  giving diamonds a special effect just bouncing the light on a silver base which always allows better projection of light.

Finally, the real gold, 18kt gold, the gold carried out a mine really is the yellow one. This is the only gold does not need any treatment, does not need any maintenance. Because in all the colors that I have showed you before, all rhodia material need some maintenance from 6 months to a year approximately. Yellow gold is the only that remains absolutely intact. Yellow gold has always been a symbol of power throughout the History. It has been a symbol of strength and, above all, is a very highly recommended  metal for dark-skinned people, because it highlights more than on lighter-skinned people.

yellow gold engagement rings

Now you have plenty of options to choose. You can opt for white gold, yellow gold, pink gold and even black gold engagement rings. A real gold rainbow! If you want to see more designs, we invite you to visit our jewelry online. Have a nice day!