Discover Clemència Peris atelier

Jewelry Workshop

Jewelry Workshop. We are very proud of handmade character Clemència Peris Jewelry and we want our customers to know the jewelry workshop where the brand was launched. It will continue to produce our jewelry by hand, is where the wonderful and unique designs Clemència Peris materialize.


The original jeweler desk you can see in these pictures, which began this story of effort, achievement and genius, is still used in the workshop. The hands of Marc Serrat Peris, son of Clemència, keep the family legacy.

Jewelry Workshop


The manual methods and the care to detail guarantee the excellence of our jewelry. This is how our jewelry pieces are also pieces of handicraft of the highest quality.

Noble metals like gold, whether gold, white gold or black gold as precious gems have no secrets for us. Now you know why our wonderful designs with diamonds have that special glow.



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