Best selling engagement rings in Scotland

Engagement rings in Scotland. Scotland, the northern jewell of the United Kingdom and for many a country on its ownright, is definitely one of the most famous, iconic and beloved places in the world. Dramatic landscapes, astonishing coast packed with cliffs, magical sand beaches, mountains, wind and salt are just some of the things any traveller can expect from thegorgeous country. First inhabited by the picts and with thousands fo years of history, battles, romance and tragedy on its back; Scotland is the magical place the legends do tellabout and one of the most untameable characters in the globe.

Annexed to great Britain in the 18th century, the country has host some of the mostbrilliant minds in history and has been a major focus of industry, freedom, art and cultural heritage.

Best selling engagement rings in Scotland

In this section we have the desire to show you some of the selections of engagement ringsin Scotland through the eyes of some of its most iconic towns:

Engagement rings in Glasgow

engagement rings in scotland

The biggest city of Scotland and a unique world references in Music, Art and Design, Glasgow has had predilection for one of the most unique, elegant and sophisticated engagement rings in the UK: white gold and 143 brilliant-cut diamonds, pavé style, whichrises with a magnificent black diamond contrasting in an everlasting perfection with its base.

Engagement rings in Aberdeen

engagement rings in scotland

By being called the silver city with golden sands, Aberdeen already established its name asone of the perfect pieces on the landscape of Scotland. Town full of colours, flowers, artand culture, the choice of its inhabitants for engagement rings couldn’t be more elegant. The best selling engagement rings in Aberdeen honours its name with the white gold with 1brilliant cut diamond and two arms, unified to hold the great jewell suspended between two satin finish lines.

Engagement rings in Paisley

engagement rings in scotland

The industrial and administrative town of Paisley hold more than it seems at a first glance.Its cultural scene, as well as its vibrant inhabitants and heritage, give the town a uniquecharacter that gets reflected in their choice for engagement rings. Clemència’s best sellingpiece in Paisley has been the four points solitary style ring in 18k yellow gold and brilliant cut central diamond, which coronates a masterpiece of elegance and craftsmanship.

engagement rings in paisley

Engagement rings in Edinburgh

The also called Athens of the North by the great thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment, Edinburgh choice for engagement rings is unique, reflecting the towns cultural diversity and arts and culture scene. Among some of tis most beloved engagement rings, today wewant to focus on a men engagement rings such as the 18k black gold ring with 1 peridot green colour that conveys strength and personality in all its forms.engagement rings in edinburgh

Engagement rings in Inverness

engagement rings in scotland

One of the fastest growing cities in Europe and the centre for the northern part of Scotland, Inverness stands as a reference on the North and a cultural and historic centre for thewhole country. Couples in the town and its surroundings have developed a subtile preference for the passionate emerald deep colour, choosing this natural stone over the 18k white gold arm which incarnates love, growth and life.

engagement rings in inverness

Engagement rings in Dundee

engagement rings in scotland

Town’s in Scotland and thriving, and Dundee is one of its leaders. This cultural town withyears of historic heritage has been developing over the last years as an arts and culturescentre with a big investment of its capitals and the strength of its inhabitants. Couplesaround the city are enjoying some of the most coveted jewellery from Clemència’scollection, being the most beloved the 18k white gold ring with 1 brilliant cut diamond andpolished side rightness with an enhanced beauty that makes of this solitaire a delightfully classic.

engagement rings in dundee

Much more can be said of the Northern Kingdom, although its preference for the uniqueand the handcrafted has been reflected in this few lines. On the following links you mightencounter some of the other wonderful towns and villages that populate Scotland, eventhough not all of them had been reflected. Enjoy the elegance and yet strong character ofthis country, as well as for its predilection for some of the most unique engagement ringsin the UK.

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Engagement rings in Aberdeen

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