Best selling engagement rings in England 

Best selling engagement rings in England. England, the central jewell of the United Kingdom and its biggest region is a territory that has been inhabited since approximately 780,000 years ago and has had a major impact in the whole world as we know it today. From Celtic tribes to the romans; from the conquest of Africa to the discovery of Australia; England, together with the rest of the countries that formed Great Britain since the 18th century, had become a major reference in culture, heritage, and style throughout the globe.

Discover the best selling engagement rings in England

Today we will share some of the most precious and coveted best selling rings in the country of England from the collections of Clemència Peris, which range from a wide variety of tastes, preferences and desires from all the couples around the United Kingdom.

Engagement rings in Cambridge

engagement rings in cambridge

Not only home of one of the major Universities and cultural centres of the world, but also its magic town and cultural heritage is what makes Cambridge the astonishing town it is. Its inhabitants have develop a taste for one of our most unique pieces, the black and white gold Engagement Rings with diamonds and 2 central diamonds. This astonishing contrast creates such an special combination where two magnificent brilliant-cut diamonds stand to form a unique and beautiful jewel.

engagement rings in england


Engagement rings in Bristol 

engagement rings in bristol

The best city to live in the UK on 2017 exhumes happiness and brilliance on each side. This is probably why their choice of rings has been directed to our triple brilliant cut diamond engagement ring in 18k white gold. Straight out from our Trilogy Collection, this ring concentrates its strength in this perfectly integrated top volume.

engagement rings in england

Engagement rings in Stratford-upon-Avon

engagement rings in england 

Standing as one of the most important tourist destinations in the UK and birthplace of eternal William Shakespeare has left Stratford-upon-Avon as a marvellous town full of culture, historic heritage and thriving life. It’s inhabitants are well versed on the arts and crafts of artists, which led them to select many impressive and unique jewels from Clemència’s collections, which redefine engagement rings with new trends and concepts. Our today’s selection of their best selling engagement rings is the stunning 18k pink gold ring surrounded y diamonds, which gives us a new fresh look while maintaining the elegance and subtile essence of a magical piece.

engagement rings in england


Engagement rings in Birmingham 

engagement ring in birmingham

Right at the geographical heart of England and in the second most populated city in the UK, in Birmingham luxury gets defined with their best selling ring: A spectacular central brilliant-cut diamond enhanced by the 16 diamonds and the 18k white gold that highlights it. A jewell crown, right on your fingertips.

engagement rings in england

Engagement rings in Leicester 

engagement rings in leicester

There is way more than a football team that broke all prognostics in Leicester. This thriving and charismatic town is one of the oldest cities in England with a history that goes back at least two millennia and through the Celtics, Romans and more. Vibrant and cultural town, Leicester predilection in engagement rings has derived into its best selling piece, one of Clemència most beloved creations, of the 18k white and yellow gold rings with 121 brilliant cut diamonds and two arms, which symbolise past and future, the two main essences of life.

engagement rings in england


Engagement rings in Coventry 

engagement rings in coventry

With its large history of craftsmanship and clock manufacturing, no doubt why the thriving and cultural city of Coventry has developed certain affection towards Clemència’s handcrafted jewellery. This unique town full of heritage and with a prominent life-style, has a wide range of best-selling engagement rings, from which today we want to show the uniqueness of the men engagement ring 4,5mm citrine quartz showing its honey colour on surface with a white gold arm that due its finish to the black rhodium. Elegance and craftsmanship the eternal symbiosis.

engagement rings in england

Being the most populous area of the United Kingdom means that the list of towns and villages worth naming would be infinite. However, in the next section we provide with some links to some of the other amazing settlements spread across the country and their selections of engagement rings.