You and your partner are a perfect tandem, a perfect duo, fitting to perfection that is why you have decided to spend the rest of your lives together. And that is definitely the message that your wedding rings must convey: union, complicity and harmony.

The choice of the wedding rings, as mentioned on other occasions, is no an easy task. Especially for those who want a very special wedding ring. Sometimes, many couples have a clear idea of what they want, for example, the typical yellow gold ring, but when they see other models or designs begin to doubt, which is very normal. That doubt is dispelled when they find a wedding bands with a special feeling among them; for her, one more feminine and for him other more masculine, but both with something in common.

That is why we have made the five pairs of ideal wedding rings definitive list, for different types of wedding couples with wedding rings duos; for him and for her, designed to enhance each other. We have created wedding rings duos for all types of couples: classical ones, innovators, original ones … Are you ready to find yours?


The first set of bands that we propose are two classical 18kt white gold wedding rings. The special thing about them is that they fit each other perfectly: they are two models with their similarities and differences. Both share the square corners that define them, but each has a detail that makes them special. The groom’s ring is a unique model for their courts giving masculinity and personality to it while the bride one has a spectacular brilliant-cut central diamond which gives a feminine touch to the ring.

white gold wedding rings

Now we want to show the next combination. This is one of the most appreciated and beautiful set of wedding rings. Both are 18 kt white gold wedding rings, but they are completely different. For her, a princess-cut diamonds wedding ring and for him, a white gold and half-round style wedding ring. An ideal choice for diamond lovers and for simplicity and classicism lovers.

white gold wedding rings


The pink gold is one of the rising metal for making wedding rings. From the union of diamonds and the pink gold results an exquisite, delicate and romantic jewel. The perfect choice for those who wish a feminine wedding ring. And for them, a simple wedding ring in pink gold with square corners may be ideal for men who are looking for simplicity and purity.

pink gold wedding rings

For those who are more daring, we recommend this set: for her, a wedding ring made in pink gold with diamonds adorning the arm and a white and pink gold wedding ring, for him. These precious wedding rings combine perfectly.

pink gold wedding rings


Finally, we wanted to leave the main course to the end. Wedding rings in black gold have the magic and strenght from another planet. Black gold gives the item an innate elegance and currently is one of the most admired raw material in fine jewelry. So, we want you to look carefully the following models. For her, a black gold with diamonds wedding ring. There are eight brilliant-cut diamonds that run along the ring’s arm so the contrast between black and diamonds makes that the jewel shines in all its splendor. For him, the male version of the same model: a 18kt black gold wedding ring with black matte finish and rounded corners. A magical and eternal union

black gold wedding rings

If these models have impressed you, you can enjoy more beautiful examples from the Clemència Peris Black gold rings collection in this video.

And you, which pair of wedding rings you liked most? We invite you to continue enjoying our models in our online jewelry so you can make more combinations until you find the one that fits with your personality.